Ex-SMA Leviathan Downed in Placid


At approximately 21:00 EVE time on May 31, a titan belonging to SpikeyWelsh, the former CEO of an SMA corporation, was downed in Arderonne, a lowsec system in Placid.

This sudden lossmail was extremely perplexing to many line members and officers within SMA, none of whom could recall any order to move SMA supers into lowsec being given.

TMC reached out to SMA Chief of Staff EX Winet for a more detailed report of the situation:

Can you tell me the story of how exactly a titan from SMA wound up by its lonesome in Placid lowsec getting blown up by Snuff Box?

EX Winet: So essentually what happened was Spikeywelsh (The Lone Ranger) was CEO of one of SMA corps called Umbra – Domini. Our best pals at FCON came to us and passed on that The Lone Ranger had applied to join FCON and that something just didnt seem quite right. We started an investigation into them based on what FCON had passed to us (#teamwork) and discovered quite a few things:

  • Spikeywelsh had stepped down as CEO and passed it off to a director in the corp he then took his Titan down to brave space to help brave kill PL
  • Spikey came back to SMA demanded CEO back and then proceeded to apply to FCON without infomring his directors or corp members about his intentions to leave SMA – naturally the corp leadership absent him were not impressed at finding this out from SMA Directorate, deciding they wanted no part in his plan and wanted to remain in SMA.
  • He had engaged in some undesirable actvity with his own wallet and corp funds as is evident here from the negative wallet balance – thanks to CCP for stamping out this horrible activity.

We then had to wait for him to pass CEO across to one of his corp directors at which point it was intended that he would be removed from the Corp and SMA. During this time he decided to pack up what he could from assets into his titan and head off to some random arse system in Placid, and snuff got hold of him before we could as we were glouriously helping our allies sacrafice boat’s Revenant to the gods.

Long story short if you want to cheat at a game then SMA has no place in it for you and we would like to congratulate and thank Snuff for taking care of the titan while we killed boat’s Rev.

Being a member of SMA and thus on SMA Teamspeak at the time of the incident, I spoke verbally with SpikeyWelsh about the incident. His response was a brief attempt to convince me that one of my subordinate Junior Diplomats was in fact a Snuff Box spy based on an extremely enjoyable screenshot, followed by the statement that he was quitting EVE for good, at which point he disconnected from SMA Teamspeak and has not been seen since. SMA respectfully thanks both Snuff Box and FCON for assisting us in removing an undesirable member from our alliance [and ultimately the game by his own word], as well as ensuring a highly entertaining Titan loss mail for all of EVE to enjoy.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Kyle Aparthos.

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