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Submission 2016-02-23

“Let’s get us some payback and unleash vicious new tactics on SpaceMonkeys!” – Gobbins, leader of Pandemic Horde The Incursion On February 18th, Pandemic Horde received orders to deploy and lay waste to SpaceMonkey’s Alliance’s sovereignty. The plan was clearly…

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NC. and Imperium Brawl; 48B ISK Destroyed

Submission 2015-11-23

Northern Coalition and the Imperium clashed in MR4-MY on November 22, at approximately 19:41 EVE time. In the wake of the conflict, over 48 billion ISK worth of wreckage was left, along with much heartache for Northern Coalition and Space…

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Loot Fairy Says “No” — 48B ISK SMA Drops Almost Nothing

Submission 2015-11-20

The loot fairy is a wondrous and spiteful creature. She appears the second anything explodes in EVE Online, deciding what drops and what is destroyed. Some days she is immeasurably gracious, but other days she is quite the opposite. Such…

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Fade Hosts 30+ Billion Isk Brawl

TMC Archives 2015-10-04

In Fade on October 3 at 21:00 in E9KD-N, Pandemic Legion, Pandemic Horde, WAFFLES. and Northern Coalition. engaged the Imperium over a money moon belonging to Imperium member Spacemonkey’s Alliance. The Imperium forces inflicted nearly twice as much damage to the…

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SMA Cynabal Fleet Slaughtered

Submission 2015-07-22

In Fade on July 21 in O-CNPR at roughly 02:05 EVE time, a Black Legion. Cynabal fleet clashed with a SpaceMonkey’s Alliance Cynabal fleet of roughly the same size during a Black Legion. roam led by Ipsimus. Black Legion lost…

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Ex-SMA Leviathan Downed in Placid

TMC Archives 2015-05-31

At approximately 21:00 EVE time on May 31, a titan belonging to SpikeyWelsh, the former CEO of an SMA corporation, was downed in Arderonne, a lowsec system in Placid. This sudden lossmail was extremely perplexing to many line members and…