Fade Hosts 30+ Billion Isk Brawl


In Fade on October 3 at 21:00 in E9KD-N, Pandemic Legion, Pandemic Horde, WAFFLES. and Northern Coalition. engaged the Imperium over a money moon belonging to Imperium member Spacemonkey’s Alliance. The Imperium forces inflicted nearly twice as much damage to the attacking forces and saved the tower from destruction during the engagement.

Perspective of the NC. fleet

Perspective of an Imperium super pilot

Both sides brought hundreds of ships to the battle. Pandemic Legion, Pandemic Horde, WAFFLES., and Northern Coalition. fielded a combination of armor Ishtars, armor T3s, and a small contingent of Abaddons, while the Imperium used several different fleets consisting of Feroxes, armor T3s, EWAR Celestises, and supercapitals.

The Imperium was the first to arrive on field, bringing in their sub-capital fleets at different ranges off of the POS. Shortly after this, NC. landed on field and begin to slowly eat away at the Celestis EWAR wing. With NC. fully engaged with the Imperium fleets, Pandemic Legion, WAFFLES, and Pandemic Horde brought in reinforcements moments later.

Initially, Pandemic Legion and NC. were able to deal considerable damage to the Imperium fleets, with Celestises and Feroxes volleyed off the field before reps could even apply. However, the tide turned when the Imperium brought in a significant fleet of capitals, including 46 super carriers, 46 carriers, and 21 Titans. While the Imperium continued to lose sub-capitals, the damage from the capital fleet was able to turn the tide. After an hour of fighting, NC., Pandemic Legion, WAFFLES, and Pandemic Horde withdrew from the field, and Spacemonkey’s Alliance repaired their tower.

Once the dust had settled, the total losses reached 30.57 billion ISK, with Pandemic Legion and their allies inflicting 10.88b ISK in damages and the Imperium inflicting 19.69b ISK, nearly twice their losses, in return. In terms of interesting killmails, Pandemic Hordes’ Abaddons were all fit with Artillery, a fleet type not seen for many years.

Pandemic Legion FC Killah Bee spoke to TMC about the fight:

Ok, so we got intel from Horde that there was shit heating up in E9K, so we decided to form to get dank content. Formed a decent sized fleet. Went in to brawl and got some frags. Cyno went up o ntop of us, and goon supers came in.

They were right inside us, so we got neuted and I got headshot. Shoutout to esildra – much love!

TMC has contacted the other involved parties, and will update this article as comment is received.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Sven Tekitsu.

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