Pandemic Horde

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Horde Resets Dozens of Former PAPI Members

VanPatton 2021-08-17

Ever since the end of WWB, many have been curious about the future of the now broken PAPI. Aside from the usual talk of TEST and BRAVE being in anarchy, the other PAPI members have seemed pretty safe. Living far…

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Battle Report: The Assault Begins

Elthar Nox 2021-07-30

And so it begins. The assault that we have all been waiting for has commenced. At 1300 EVE on July 30, Pandemic Horde leader Gobbins sent a ping to the PAPI mega coalition for Harpies – and from there it…

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Horde’s Town Hall, June 27

Elthar Nox 2021-06-29

If you were expecting to be bored, you won’t be disappointed. Pandemic Horde leader Gobbins hosted a Coalition Town Hall on Saturday, June 27. This came amongst rising unrest from the player base, rapidly shrinking numbers in PAPI, and the…

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World War Bee Narratives Go Nuclear

Moomin Amatin 2021-05-17

Narratives are very important in internet spaceship wars, for they drive people to do things. With World War Bee we have seen both sides parade their respective narratives. Some seem to have aged better than others. Let’s take a look…

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Breaking News | Destroyed Horde Fenrir drops Keepstar

JuriusDoctor 2021-04-12

A fight has broken out in YF-P4X in Tenerifis resulting in, among the destruction of several Horde and Imperium dreadnoughts, a Horde Fenrir which was carrying a Keepstar. The circumstances surrounding the fight are unclear, as primary damage (80.2% of…

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Legacy’s Move to Delve: A Brilliant Move, or Something They’ll Regret?

Multiple Authors 2021-03-14

[Editor’s Note: Seir Luciel is a staff writer at INN and a member of Pandemic Horde. Gray Doc is an editor at INN and a member of the Imperium] Gray Doc: When I first heard that Legacy was planning on…

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Horde and Goon: A Conversation About M2

Multiple Authors 2021-03-06

[Editor’s Note: Seir Luciel is a staff writer at INN and a member of Pandemic Horde. Gray Doc is an editor at INN and a member of the Imperium] Seir Luciel: I’ve been hearing quite a bit of talk about…

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Snuff Bluffs

Gwailar 2021-02-27

After destroying the Tranquility Trading Consortium’s (TTC) lowsec holdings in Ignoitton last week, lowsec power Snuffed Out (Snuff) announced its intention to mount a similar attack on TTC’s primary holdings, situated in the highsec system of Perimeter. Snuff’s sabre rattling…

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No Value Proves to Have No Value

nync 2020-12-04

On December 2, 2020, early in the EU timezone, Fraternity (FRT) forces, consisting of 11 titans and 30 supercarriers, reinforced all citadels belonging to Trigger Happy (TRIGG) and Toilet Paper (TP) alliances in the system of HD-JVQ. FRT wants to…

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Glory, Gold, and Goalposts

Moomin Amatin 2020-11-27

Do you want to know the cause of war? It is capitalism, greed, the dirty hunger for dollars. Take away the capitalist and you will sweep war from the earth. – Henry Ford What a week last week was. Given…

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Pandemic Horde Drops PAPI’s Fourth NPC Delve Keep Attempt

mistwarden 2020-10-15

A fourth attempt to online a PAPI Keepstar in NPC Delve has started today. Pandemic Horde dropped the Keepstar in the system of 319-3D at approximately 1715 Eve time on October 15, 2020. This move sets the stage for another…

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World War Bee: Week 13

Ban Syrin 2020-10-05

Week 13 of World War Bee had 11 fights and 26 total battle reports, per INN’s tracking, down slightly from Week 12. Querious continued to dominate headlines as PandaFam and TEST/Legacy continued to try and consolidate their hold on the…

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The Return of the Industry King

Merc Thanatos 2020-10-04

My Personal Journey Wow, it has been a while . . . over a year, but I’ve returned! I don’t even know where to begin, so I’ll start with the present. I’m currently in a small alliance among the PanFam…

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The Rhetoric of War: A Double-Edged Sword

SeirLuciel 2020-09-16

The horn has been blown and, apparently, many Imperium members are answering the call. But old Goons aren’t the only ones who’ve heard the sound of the horn. Calls for aid aren’t shouted into an empty void; the Imperium’s enemies…