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The Extinguishing of FI.RE?

Elthar Nox 2023-01-14

War has returned to New Eden. In a series of announcements, both Pandemic Horde (PH) and The Initiative. (INIT) have declared war on the FI.RE Coalition, intending to end FI.RE’s reign over the south. The aggressor’s goals: the clearance of…

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Big Trouble In Little Esoteria

Elthar Nox 2022-01-07

Fraternity (FRT) has declared war on the The Army of Mangos (AoM). In a State Of The Alliance released by Noraus on January 5, he announced their intention to officially commence hostilities against their long-term rival. This war comes as…

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My First Year In Nullsec

Elthar Nox 2022-01-06

Sometimes you have to take a risk, make that jump and dive into a new start. For me, 2021 was the year I would leap into in Nullsec. Like many others, I had been watching World War Bee 2 from…

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How PAPI Won The War

Osir1s 2021-09-30

While the leadership of the former mega-coalition called PandaFam Alliance Please Ignore (shortened to PAPI, standing for PanFam+WinterCo+Legacy+Assorted Others) had the intention of destroying the Imperium forever, quite a few members of PAPI had a different goal. The goal was…

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One Ring to Rule Them All: A Thought Experiment Regarding EVE and Nullsec

Gray Doc 2021-03-01

Let us perform a thought experiment together. We’ll run parallel versions of a very similar scenario, reducing the nullsec presence of major alliances by one, so the end result can be expressed specifically. That expression starts with X, and represents the…

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Renting in EVE: An Analysis

Multiple Authors 2021-02-25

In a previous article, “The Wealth of Alliances,” we explored various ways alliances create ISK and how those game mechanisms affect the general health of those groups. We suggested that some activities bring resources such as ore and blueprints into…

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Deep Dive: The EVE Ecosystem Outlook

Calyle Morrison 2020-04-03

In an effort to maintain a constant stream of updates and open monitoring between the player base and the developers, CCP dove into their perspective, goals, and progress in their latest dev-blog The Eve Online Ecosystem Outlook. The blog opens…

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Ganthrithor 2019-09-25

This is the first of a series of articles intended to address the current failings of EVE’s nullsec game mechanics and to compare these mechanics to those of antiquity in a likely-foolhardy attempt to advocate for a complete revamp of…

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Drifter Invasion: Nullsec Response

Rhivre 2019-06-29

During a Fireside chat on June 29, The Mittani announced that during the day, an escalation in Drifter activities in nullsec had been observed, with increased spawns from those seen the previous days. The Imperium had 170 structures attacked by…

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Nullsec Burns as Drifters Attack

Miracle zizo 2019-06-28

Who are these Drifters? Drifters, a mysterious invading faction, first entered New Eden in early YC117 (2015). Capsuleers began to engage them after their assassination of the Amarr Empress, Jamyl I. They continued to attack different regions of empire space,…

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PvP Lifestyle—Making a Living by the Sword

Arrendis 2018-11-26

New Eden thrives on two things. The stability of instability, and the importance of players’ actions and choices. The first one means that some level of instability and upheaval is always present, while the second relies on players being free…

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Learn from My Mistakes

MckenzieHearthfire 2018-01-30

When an F1 Monkey Tries Out Solo Roams After being away from EVE for awhile, I came back and hopped in Rorquals, with dreams of skill injecting into everything. But, then I started getting back into strategic ops, which are…

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The Intiative. Claim Fountain Sovereignty

Dracos Rhaghar 2017-10-07

On Thursday 3rd October, the power vacuum that everyone assumed would take place in Fountain failed to occur, as The-Culture. dropped all of their non-reinforced sovereignty  structures, allowing The Initiative to move in and claim the northern half of the…

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Moon Mining: A Huge Blind Spot

Vulxanis Viceroy 2017-08-01

In CCP’s July Update, there was a number of encouraging updates and teasers. I was especially excited about the fact that CCP actually listened to the community regarding the Blood Raider Shipyard issue. They even said they planned on making…