Loot Fairy Says “No” — 48B ISK SMA Drops Almost Nothing


The loot fairy is a wondrous and spiteful creature. She appears the second anything explodes in EVE Online, deciding what drops and what is destroyed. Some days she is immeasurably gracious, but other days she is quite the opposite. Such was the case in J165340, a C5 wormhole somewhere in the vast depths of space…

The Scout

On November 16, Raquel Saissore of Lazerhawks went on about his daily business, unaware of the events he was about to set in motion. We sat down with him to talk about the events leading up to the kill.

TMC: Can you tell us about the kill? How did you find it and why did noone defend the SMA if they knew nearly 50B ISK was in the SMA?

Raquel Saissore: Well, I was just doing my day to day thing and scouting through wormholes. I noticed two Ship Maintenance Arrays in a dead system. I had to check some intel sheet, as they shouldn’t have been there. I looked through, found a small Amarr tower with terrible defenses. It only had two small gun batteries, two jammers, a scram, and a sensor dampening battery.

TMC: So how did you manage to get your Naglfar through all the wormholes?

Raquel: After a bit of work, I got the chain scanned out and I saw I could get my Naglfar in easily, so I set up a little solo eviction! They seemed to be some wormhole farming group that had split up and stopped logging in.

TMC: Was the tower offline when you showed up?

Raquel: Nah. I reinforced it and babysat it for two days.

The Kill

On November 18, after waiting for the tower to come out of its reinforced timer, Raquel logged on his solo dreadnought and laid siege to the POS. On top of the 48B ISK SMA killmail, he also destroyed another SMA in the same POS with 5B ISK in loot and ships.

TMC: And that was it? No reaction from the tower’s owner at all?

Raquel: Right. I figured there had to be farming capital ships in them, which is why I bothered reinforcing it to begin with. They probably don’t even know it’s dead, much like the Aman Sul Avatar kill, which I scouted.

TMC: Well I am sure that they will know about it now! Thanks a lot for your time, and make sure to contact us when you have another big brawl!

The Loot Fairy

The SMA belonging to the victims split wide open, but the Loot Fairy was not on Lazerhawks’ side. Of the 48B ISK worth of modules, ships, and salvage being held in the maintenance array, only 148 million ISK in loot was dropped. Losses in the wreckage include 5,410 Ancient Coordinate Databases (8.1B ISK), 4,463 Sleeper Data Libraries (2.2B ISK), 4,463 Neural Network Analyzers (890M ISK), 1,398 Melted Nanoribbons (6.4B ISK), 5,218 Sleeper Drone AI Nexus (26B ISK), a couple of battleships, and an Archon.

She did however, grace Lazerhawks on the second destroyed SMA. Although this SMA only held 5B ISK, the Loot Fairy saw it fit do drop everything. The dropped wreckage included a Moros, four Federation Navy Magnetic Stabilizers, and three Limited Mega Ion Siege Blasters. Mind you, these were all probably fit on the Moros when it the array was destroyed, but after the first SMA, every little bit counts.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Lemba.

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