SMA Cynabal Fleet Slaughtered


In Fade on July 21 in O-CNPR at roughly 02:05 EVE time, a Black Legion. Cynabal fleet clashed with a SpaceMonkey’s Alliance Cynabal fleet of roughly the same size during a Black Legion. roam led by Ipsimus. Black Legion lost nothing while butchering the SMA fleet for a total of 4.9 billion ISK killed including 22 Cynabals. A battle report can be found here; as no kills were scored by the SMA, fleet not all of their ships show on the BR.

A video on Twitch shows the fight beginning at the 11:00 mark or so. A Goonswarm Ferox warps into the Black Legion fleet that was caught at a bubble, and is swiftly destroyed. The SMA fleet warps in shortly after, and Ipsimus begins calling primaries and maneuvering the fleet. A rout ensues, with Cynabals and Firetails falling like flies. Later on, a Scimitar that was trying to escape was chased down by the streamer and killed. A Goon cyno Arazu warps in,  intending to assist in bridging in a GSF Ferox fleet waiting on a Titan, but was destroyed before anything could cyno in.

The fits of the SMA fleet were quite varied, some including T1 Medium Shield Extenders, and another with an Entosis Link. Some only featured shield rigs, while others required a fitting rig. The presence of a neut varied between Cynabals.

As shown in this Reddit thread, BL is quite smug about its victory, and SMA has been gracious in defeat.

This article originally appeared on, written by Siaka Stevens.

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