PL Downs Revenant in Delve


On July 22 at 18:05 EVE time after a relatively brief hunt, Pandemic Legion and Confederation of xXPIZZAXx (including a Snuffed Out member appearing at the last minute) killed a Revenant belonging to Double G of the Original Masters corporation, an alt of the ex-PL player crice. Using a fleet of black ops battleships and interdictors, the faction supercarrier quickly fell to the onslaught.

A video of the kill has been posted.

2015.07.22 – PL & PIZZA Kill a Revenant)

The Revenant had been spotted the previous day on D-scan by a PL member, but was unable to be probed down. However, the celestial it was nearby was known, so the job was made a bit easier. It logged in and out in for sixty seconds after downtime, giving a window for dictors probers to go after it. They were unable to aggress or bubble it before it logged off, but dictors logged off in the same spot in wait. Some time later the Revenant logged back in, and after exiting e-warp, it was bubbled and held in place as the PL fleet waited for people to arrive to get on the kill. When the time came, it melted quickly under massed fire.

The fit is notably subpar for a supercapital of this rarity and worth, featuring T2 hardeners and T2 Power Diagnostic Systems with a meta microwarpdrive and T1 cloak. Usually, supercapitals have A- or X-type hardeners, and faction PDS with a faction or T2 cloak. It has a full rack of drone control units and an ECM burst, which is normal on supercarriers.

crice, owner of Double G and the Revenant, comments that he bought the Rev from DARKNESS. a while back and that he is at a bit of a loss as to what went down. He says it was not his first rodeo, being used to getting his titan and Nyx out of sticky situations. However, he says there are “no fucks given”, linking to the leaderboards to point out that he has enough ISK to weather things like this.

Special mention goes to hansy babes, TaipanSam, and Stephan Schneider for making this kill happen.

TMC would like to thank crice and penifSMASH of Pandemic Legion for their contributions.

This article originally appeared on, written by Siaka Stevens.

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