Dev Blog: Fozziesov Delayed


CCP Fozzie released a new Dev Blog on June 1st announcing a small delay in the next set of sovereignty changes. The changes that were scheduled for July 7th release of Aegis have been moved back one week to July 14th, citing concerns about the quality CCP would be capable of achieving in such a time frame. These features include: the Entosis Link’s impact on all Sovereignty structures, vulnerability windows, and constellation-wide capture events and Freeport mode mechanics. Unfortunately not on the list is the customizable time zone compromise promised for individual structures; that has been put on an indefinite hold pending better development.

These changes are not something CCP has done lightly, but out of dedication to releasing complete products. According to CCP Fozzie, “These updates are part of our commitment to ensuring that this feature has the time to be thoroughly tested internally, with our external testing partners and by the community on our public test servers. It also ensures that we will have enough time to polish the usability of the feature ensure that every player can enjoy the new system.”

This comes a day before the Carnyx release which still features the Entosis Link’s first utilization, as well as the beginning of the Activity Defense Multiplier accumulation. Starting tomorrow, station services will be disabled and enabled by use of the Entosis Link. Alliances will also begin to accrue their activity based defense multiplier in preparation for full blown Entosis Link warfare. By the same token, alliances will also be able to set their vulnerability windows that the defense multiplier is applied. More details are in the articles linked previously.

This article originally appeared on, written by Set’s Chaos.

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