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EVE Fanfest: Ships and Modules

Dirk Stetille 2018-04-14

Header art by Smultar As with every session at Fanfest 2018, the session began with a cute recollection from a CCP dev about their first experiences with EVE. For Ships and Modules, we had CCP Rise talking about how he…

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CCP Fozzie Interview: Upwell 2.0

Rhivre 2018-02-02

CCP recently announced that the Upwell 2.0 changes first described at EVE Vegas, will go live on February 13. This sparked a number of discussions between the players and the devs, and has caused further iteration on the original plans….

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Update to the changes coming in Upwell 2.0

mistwarden 2018-01-28

January 18, CCP released the Upwell 2.0 devblog, this generated a lot of feedback and a late-night response from CCP Fozzie on January 20.  Showing that CCP is listening to feedback, CCP Fozzie today outlined three changes to the planned update…

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Devpost – T3 Cruiser changes

Rhivre 2017-07-03

We wrote recently about the upcoming T3 cruiser changes that were on Sisi.  CCP Fozzie has now released further information ahead of the July 11 release. In a devpost on the new forums, he outlined the changes as they stand…

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Introducing Refineries and New Moon Mining

David Matterall 2017-03-24

CCP has yet to announce the next official expansion, but a few days ago they announced one of its major features, Refineries. These were referred to as “drilling platforms” in discussions revolving around EVE’s new structures. The Upwell Consortium continues…

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December 7 Rorqual Re-re-balance Announcement

Cameron Keikira 2016-12-07

At approximately 16:00 UTC on December 7, CCP Fozzie posted the following to the EVE Online Forums: Hey everyone. We’ve been keeping a close eye on how people are using the newly rebalanced Rorquals and it’s been really exciting watching…

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Submission 2015-10-10

CCP is planning to release missile disruptors in December. According to CCP Fozzie, the new modules will be grouped in with the existing tracking disruptors. Quoting from the post: These disruptors would be separate modules within the same group as…

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CCP Announces Combat Battlecruiser Rebalance

Submission 2015-09-12

CCP announced today in a forum post that with the September 29 Vanguard release, combat battlecruisers and their navy counterparts will be getting buffed heavily to make them viable options for PvP. This has been met with general enthusiasm from…

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Submission 2015-09-09

Rage when communicating with or about CCP is the norm for much of the EVE community. If some posts on EVE-O boards, Reddit , and elsewhere are to be believed CCP has reached a new low in both gameplay and community…

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EVE: The Stunt Flores Ban

Submission 2015-09-07

“Adapt or wait for the fixes.” These six words got a prominent Eve Online player banned. The story starts with a player well known to the ratters of Deklein, the home system of the Goonswarm Federation. Stunt Flores, infamous for…

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Dev Blog: Fozziesov Delayed

Submission 2015-06-01

CCP Fozzie released a new Dev Blog on June 1st announcing a small delay in the next set of sovereignty changes. The changes that were scheduled for July 7th release of Aegis have been moved back one week to July…