Pandemic Legion loses 42b in Wicked Creek


In Wicked Creek on June 17 at roughly 17:00 EVE time in GRHS-B, Pandemic Legion clashed head-on with Dream Fleet, supported by RvB, Red Alliance, and others. The battle, which saw over 50 billion ISK destroyed, was a rare decisive loss by Pandemic Legion.

Pandemic Legion brought an armor T3 fleet initially supported by Oneiros logistics and a carrier, with four more carriers arriving later in the battle. SRUS brought Dominixes also supported by Oneiros logistics, along with assorted interceptors. Pandemic Legion lost over 42 billion ISK including all five of their triage Archons and 29 strategic cruisers while dealing only 8.8 billion ISK in damages, mainly in the form of 22 battleships and eight logistics ships. A loss this one-sided has been rare for Pandemic Legion, who are known more for appearing out of nowhere with overwhelming force. Unverified reports indicate the PL Fleet Commander was headshot early in the fight.

This engagement occurs in the context of a wider conflict in Wicked Creek as various factions battle for supremacy. PL has been a constant player in the war either as third parties or allying with a side for an engagement. Prior engagements include the fighting in GRHS-B and F-EM4Q.

Elise Randolph and Doomchinchilla of Pandemic Legion have been contacted for comment. This article will be updated with their responses when and if they are received.

UPDATE: Doomchinchilla of Pandemic Legion reports that the fight was over SBUs in the system. The PL fleet warped in at 50 and came under neut pressure from the many Dominixes waiting for them. Elise Randolph and Wrik Hoover were headshot and podded early on resulting in confusion and the need for other FCs to step up. Through neut pressure and massed DPS from the Domis T3s began falling and triage began dying. The Russians reshipped into more Domis and logistics, forcing PL to disengage after having been outdone in a very hard fought battle.

This article originally appeared on, written by Siaka Stevens.

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