New Caracal Model and Warp Animations on Singularity


CCP is continuing the visual revamp of the Caldari ships, which has already seen new models released for the Scorpion, Condor, Moa, and Blackbird. The latest addition, the Caracal, has gone live on the Singularity test server.

The new model was announced earlier this year, and features a somewhat more substantial, aggressive hull that moves the ship away from the spindly, minimalist appearance of the old model. In keeping with their recent model changes, the new Caracal includes warp animation similar to the updated Typhoon and Blackbird models.

The updated animation includes both wings flattening and retracting slightly, multiple antennae folding down for better streamlining, and panels on the underside of the ship near the primary thrusters retracting for warp as well.

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