Battle Report: Imperium Supers Down in KVN-36


Moving supercapital ships has always been tricky business, even more so after the jump fatigue changes in Phoebe. Given their value and inability to dock, moving supers is generally an “all hands on deck” sort of scenario. Between the FCs, intel, and subcap support fleet, a super move can be a time-consuming process. It’s possible to move supers without much support, but Murphy’s law is bound to assert itself at some point. As you might expect, cutting corners can often lead to expensive mistakes. This is a story of such an occurrence.

As reported earlier, a convoy of Imperium supers was attacked by a joint force of Black Legion. and Fountaincore, a coalition operating out of NPC controlled-Fountain. The move op was woefully short of the necessary manpower for a super move. This was in addition to the fact that a large portion of the escort fleet were in Harpies.

A video of the fight from a Black Legion. perspective

The mastermind behind the attack was Andrew Cornwallis, a Black Legion. pilot with a talent for tackling capitals. After receiving intelligence from spies, preparations were made to intercept the super convoy. The plan was for Fountaincore to initially tackle the supers, since they live in the area and seeing a Black Legion. member in local would spook the Imperium forces.

As soon as bubbles went up it was a race against time for the attacker. The Fountaincore and Black Legion. forces were multiple titan jumps out from KVN, in addition to the time needed to wait out jump fatigue. The tackling fleet managed to maintain its hold on the supers and fight off the escort fleet for the five and a half minutes it took for reinforcements to arrive.

Upon arrival, the Black Legion. Tengu fleet secured the field as dreads jumped in to finish off the supers. The Imperium titans didn’t go down without a fight, managing to fire off two doomsday weapons. The first killed a Naglfar almost instantly, but the second was tanked successfully by the targeted Revelation. By the end of the fight, a total of two titans and four super carriers were killed, with Black Legion. successfully extracting nearly all their dreads.

The final tally for this battle stands at 348 billion ISK of damages sustained by Imperium forces, with Black Legion. and Fountaincore losing 23 billion ISK.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was written by Lioso and originally appeared on under his byline.)

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