Elite: Dangerous Owners to get Steam Keys


When Frontier launched Elite: Dangerous on Steam in April, a large number of players who had pledged on Kickstarter or bought the game through the Frontier store requested Steam keys.

While the developer’s initial response was light on any concrete details (aside from suggesting people manually add the launcher to their Steam client), it seems that gamers who prefer to play through Steam are about to get their wish.

In an announcement by community manager Edward Lewis, Frontier said that it has worked out a system with Valve that will allow existing owners of Elite: Dangerous to connect their game account with their Steam account. Doing so will generate a key code, which can be redeemed in the Steam client.

Players who purchase the game originally through Steam still need to register an account with Frontier before they are able to log in and play. Lewis also noted in the announcement that purchasing through the Frontier store means that more revenue goes toward supporting the development of Elite: Dangerous.

The key redemption system is expected to go live on May 28.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Ryan Vincent.

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