Black Legion

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Black Legion Sets Sail for Content

mistwarden 2019-03-10

Black Legion leader Elo Knight laid out plans to his alliance for what he called a “spring vacation,” where Origin, the main corp within BL, drops and joins Frat for at least two-months. He stressed that this was just a…

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Snuffed Out Attacks Black Legion: Over 500 Billion ISK Destroyed

Gray Doc 2018-10-03

-all headline quotations are from Don McClean’s “The Pride Parade” A battle raged in Siseide on Sept. 30, 2018, with over 500 ships involved at a cost of almost 579 billion ISK as Snuffed Out (B B C) pounded Black…

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Horde Supercarriers Destroyed in Geminate

Paramemetic 2018-03-18

Three supercarriers belonging to Pandemic Horde were destroyed in a staggering attack by Snuffed Out, Origin. and others in the Geminate system of 6L78-1. The battle flared up quickly, with Horde and Northern Coalition subcaps facing heavy losses against a…

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Black Legion Disbands

ramon 2015-09-21

Black Legion. [MEN.] has disbanded. The bloc-level nullsec alliance led by fleet commanding powerhouse Elo Knight has broken up, its member corporations scattered to the winds, following months of intense leadership drama. Most of its alumni have already found new…

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Arrendis 2015-09-02

Black Legion leadership has called two completely separate meetings in the last twenty-four hours. Both meetings, called by different people, addressed the sharp and sudden schism that has developed in the Legion’s command structure. The rift was caused by recruitment…

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HERO Coalition Faces Troubles in Fountain

TMC Archives 2015-05-27

The past few months have been a whirl for HERO Coalition. From the return of Pandemic Legion to Catch, to the chains of battles for their capitals of GE-8JV followed by HED-GP, the botched evacuation of Catch and their rapid…

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NCdot Downs 30b ISK Goonswarm Aeon in Syndicate

TMC Archives 2015-05-25

In Y-W6GF (Syndicate) on May 24 at 22:39, Black Legion [MEN.] and Northern Coalition. [NC] forces, with the help of 404 Alliance Not Found [U-WOT], baited and engaged Goonswarm Federation [CONDI] supers over a Goonswarm-owned neodymium moon. They managed to…

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Imperium Titans Bait OOS Dreadnoughts in Venal, 99B ISK Destroyed

Arrendis 2015-05-16

An Imperium supercap fleet counter-dropped an Out of Sight. [OOS] capital ambush in 8CIX-S (Venal) May 12th, in a battle that destroyed more than 99 billion ISK. The situation was similar to the POS trap that OOS, with the aid…

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Battle Report: Imperium Supers Down in KVN-36

Submission 2015-05-10

Moving supercapital ships has always been tricky business, even more so after the jump fatigue changes in Phoebe. Given their value and inability to dock, moving supers is generally an “all hands on deck” sort of scenario. Between the FCs,…

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Submission 2015-05-09

Black Legion’s Elo Knight is a powerhouse of alliance leadership. As if running a bloc-level nullsec alliance wasn’t enough, Elo is one of the best FCs in Eve Online. Given the level of dedication Elo has for his alliance, it…

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Tools Of The Trade: The Slippery Pete

Submission 2014-12-01

Special thanks to Kcolor for the interview on how the Slippery Pete is used. The Slippery Pete Tengu is one of the most effective high-skill PvP platforms in Eve. The fitting and its use were pioneered by Elo Knight and…

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TMC Archives 2013-08-31

Solar Fleet and Black Legion have just announced that they are planning to invade the Querious region. The region holder, Northern Coalition (NC.), had already previously announced that they will be defending the region against attacks together with Pandemic Legion…

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Why So Serious Nyx Lost In Brawl on a Wormhole

TMC Archives 2013-08-20

In the early hours of August 20th, a small skirmish on a null sec wormhole in Outer Passage between Why so Serious <WhySo> and Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork <KICK> turned into an hour long slug fest when G1rn4aIk2 of Why…