Black Legion Disbands


Black Legion. [MEN.] has disbanded. The bloc-level nullsec alliance led by fleet commanding powerhouse Elo Knight has broken up, its member corporations scattered to the winds, following months of intense leadership drama.

Most of its alumni have already found new homes:

  • The Dixon Cox Butte Preservation Society [.DIX.] and Angry Dragons [NOGAG] have joined Psychotic Tendences. [TISHU].
  • The European timezone corporations of Boob Heads [BOOB.], Higher than Everest [P3AK] and Black Serpent Technologies [MAMBA] sprung from the ashes as The-Culture [-T C-] and are remaining in Fountain.
  • Wrecking Shots [WSHOT] joined Northern Coalition. [NC].
  • Origin. [0RIGN] renamed themselves to Carpe Noctem. [N.0.X] and joined Pandemic Legion [-10.0].
  • The head of it all, Elo Knight, went to Snuff Box [SNUFD].

As an exception, The Suicide Kings [T-S-K] are independent for now.

Elo Knight joining Snuff Box is interesting because of some of the more recent drama that swirled in BL’s last days was stirred up when a friend of Elo’s (whom he sponsored for membership to BL) applied to Snuff Box with an application that was “extremely critical of Black Legion”, and was therefore kicked from BL. The unrest culminated in two meetings covering a lot of dismal ground: one where the continued survival of the alliance was called “infeasible” due to the decline of Black Legion’s active jump freighter and cyno pilot numbers, the difficulty the alliance had had in reaction to Fozziesov, and the imminent departure of 0RIGN’s CEO Ipsimus after conflict between him and Elo; and another in which Elo presented a poorly received plan to revive the alliance in lowsec by using black ops to bounce blockade runners all over the place with heavy assault cruisers in the hold.

Before that tensions were already high due conflicts between the subordinates Elo left running Black Legion during his 8 month vacation.

TMC has reached out to Elo Knight regarding the closure of Black Legion, and will update, should he respond.

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