Black Legion’s Elo Knight is a powerhouse of alliance leadership. As if running a bloc-level nullsec alliance wasn’t enough, Elo is one of the best FCs in Eve Online. Given the level of dedication Elo has for his alliance, it makes sense he would deserve a break once in a while. Such was the case on May 2, when Elo handed over CEO of Origin., Black Legion’s executor corp, to Ipsimus and gave leadership of the alliance over to Capri Sun KraftFoods.

With such a lynchpin personality on vacation, one might expect a bit of organizational stress to occur. This was exactly the case it seems, if this Reddit post is anything to go by. The linked pastebin provides little insight on what went down; luckily the comments of the post provide a clearer picture. The story goes that after several complaints regarding trolling, Capri Sun removed Teamspeak admin rights from several Origin. directors.

After allegedly taunting Ipsimus over the alliance’s Jabber, the alliance exec removed Capri and his alts’ alliance roles within Eve. The altercation seems to be a portion of a larger feeling of dissatisfaction with Capri’s leadership. Some members of Black Legion seem to object to the direction Capri is taking the alliance, namely grinding sov in Fountain largely unopposed.

TMC has reached out to Ipsimus and Capri for comment.

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