NCdot Downs 30b ISK Goonswarm Aeon in Syndicate


In Y-W6GF (Syndicate) on May 24 at 22:39, Black Legion [MEN.] and Northern Coalition. [NC] forces, with the help of 404 Alliance Not Found [U-WOT], baited and engaged Goonswarm Federation [CONDI] supers over a Goonswarm-owned neodymium moon. They managed to destroy a CONDI Aeon supercarrier worth 30b ISK, and lost only about 14b ISK, mostly in three dreadnaughts and two carriers lost early on by U-WOT as the bait.

The Goonswarm Aeon about to be shot down.

The CONDI Aeon shortly before its demise.

U-WOT’s bubalubs baited CONDI by bashing their moon POS with two Moroi, two Archons, and Naglfar. CONDI responded with a very poorly-supported fleet of supercapitals lead by a Wyvern, four Nyxes, a dreadnought and seven carriers (some belonging to Suddenly Spaceships. [CYN0]), and the Aeon flown by Tritogeneia Charante, an alt of Cephei Kells.

According to a post on reddit by long-time NC fleet commander Travis Musgrat, a wormhole to Thera was available in the target system, allowing an NC Proteus fleet to hide in Thera under the veil of a mobile scan inhibitor. When the CONDI cyno went up, interdictors were sent through the hole. According to Travis’s post, the dictors initially warped to the wrong cyno, though statements by Lex Arson, the FC of this fleet, indicate otherwise. Ultimately, some of the CONDI supercapitals would have enough time to warp away, though 3 were successfully tackled. A BL Tengu fleet, returning from another op, was called in for additional firepower and arrived some 30 minutes after the initial tackle.

Two Nyxes and the Aeon were caught, and burned towards the POS shields while continuing to shoot the U-WOT Moros and Naglfar that were still alive. They succeeded in destroying the rest of the U-WOT dreadnoughts, but only the two Goonswarm Nyxes would eventually make it into the safety of the shields. The Aeon, a dreadnaught, and seven carriers were killed before Musgrat and his fleet “07’d as SC [Shadow Cartel], SMA [Space-monkey’s Alliance], and some other shitty harpy fleet arrived.”

Lex Arson has also provided this video of the fight from NC’s perspective:

TMC reached out to the Goonswarm supercarrier pilot’s main, Cephei Kells for comment. He linked an after-action report he wrote (under the username “Peachy”) on the forums:

Suddenly [CYN0] hit us up saying there were hostile dreads sieged on our pos, we formed, jumped a gate, they faffed with cynos, we jumped, titans were about to jump until NC spiked, we got bubbled, I fleet warped ~2/3 of the supers off leaving myself and 2 nyx tackled, realised it was a goon pos, turned around and burnt inside, I tanked like a madman, proteus bumped me, nyxes saved, suicide triages are gods, NOC got tackled by BL while midding to help us, stopped us from just tanking, Friendly fleet ~1j out when I died, KARMA bit me in the ass.

In his correspondence to TMC he added:

Kinda a little history too; Lex [Lex Arson] the NC FC used to live in Vestouve, next to syndicate and we would skirmish over towers every now and then, we ended up baiting and killing 2 of his supers and capital fleets for a total of ~110bn so this was his revenge.

But of course; Being stronk goon it has already been replaced; You know how weird people say a bullet has their name on it? This ones for you lexie.

MEN. Diplomat Capri Sun KraftFoods had this to say about the fleet:

Not much to comment really on our end. We were just heading home from a pretty quick fleet when we started getting rage PM’d in skype by a few friends in NC. saying they had them tackled, so we immediately reformed and started burning. Got there just in time to help with bumps and get on the mail. Afaik they had some syndicate nerds bait with dreads while NC. sat on a wormhole and that’s all there was to it really.

UPDATE: The original version of this article included several inaccuracies, which have been corrected.

This article originally appeared on, written by Ramon Rakow.

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