Love Squad Kills 110b ISK Titan in Delve


Love Squad, a member of The Confederation of xXPIZZAXx successfully killed the 110 billion ISK Avatar belonging to Amarrian Guardian. The kill took place in the system of 1-2J4P in the Delve region at midday on May 24.

The titan pilot was travelling alone when they were attacked by the members of Love Squad. The kill involved the use of a small ishtar fleet, combined with stealth bombers and three Nyx supercarriers.

TMC reached out to Amarrian Guardian, who gave a response explaining the events. He had previously been a member of The Kadeshi, however after leaving them he decided to take up an offer from one of his friends to join Catastrophic Operations, a member of LAWN Alliance. While he was in the process of moving his titan to its new home, he was removed from the corporation by the CEO, who explained that he would be allowed back in after he had safely moved the titan as he was afraid of the lossmail getting on their killboard. This left Amarrian Guardian stranded in ZXB-VC flying a neutral titan. Instead of trying to go further north into Fountain, he instead decided to go further back into Delve in order to seek refuge until the situation in Fountain calmed down.

While he was making one of the final jumps required before he could moth-ball the titan, he decided to move the ship post-downtime instead of pre-downtime due to being busy beforehand. As he lit his destructible cyno and jumped into 1-2J4P, a Snuffed Out Buzzard jumped into the system. The titan warped to a safe and tried to cloak, however it was scanned down by the Buzzard before he got the opportunity. Another attempt to warp off was made, however he was once again scanned down and aggressed by the Buzzard to ensure that he had a log-off timer. When asked how he had felt at that time, Amarrian Guardian pointed out “By this time several pizza had entered local and I saw dictors on dscan, so I knew I was pretty FUBAR’d.

In a desperate attempt to escape he warped himself to the M0O-JG gate and jumped through. He had lit an emergency cyno in a different system, however he did not have enough capacitor to jump to it. At this point two dictors, which had been sitting on the 1-2J4P in M0O-JG, bubbled up and he was forced to burn back and jump through the gate. Shortly after jumping back in, three Nyxes landed on the field and made short work of the stranded titan.

When asked how he felt about the loss of his titan, Amarrian Guardian had this to say:

“I’m not bitter, super caps these days are becoming more and more of a pain to look after and move around and I was being tracked and followed for the past couple of weeks. Congrats to the snuff guy for the catch and to the pizza guys on a decent catch. Facepalm for me for not moving pre-DT.

This article originally appeared on, written by Worldshatter.

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