In Syndicate at 2015-05-23 22:00 in the system of JH-M2W the forces of Goonswarm Federation (GSF) and their allies clashed with members of Ivy League (IVY).

The fight began with both sides taking equal losses, and soon escalated when the side of IVY watched their Archon piloted by Leia Minmatar explode as Commander Anater of GSF’s Avatar fired its Doomsday weapon.

Over the next few minutes the forces of GSF and their supercapital fleet layed waste to the two remaining enemy Archons and any hopes of IVY coming out as the winner. By the end of the fight the forces of IVY were able to destroy a GSF Nidhoggur, however in the end it was not enough to win the ISK war.

The fight resulted with GSF the clear victor having losses of nearly 3 billion ISK, and dealing nearly 10 billion ISK in damages to IVY and their allies. Some of the most notable losses include Leia Minmatar’s Archon, Captain Galen Wanderson’s Archon, Titus Tallang’s Archon, and Epic Fool’s Nidhoggur. A video of the fight from the perspective of GSF was captured by Jack Heisenburg:

B1ack Sky of GSF tells how the fight went down via EVE-mail:

B1ack Sky
Bat Country
Goonswarm Federation
“Well basically Space Violence pilots were skirmishing around with an EVE Uni fleet before that big fight, and there was actually a first battle which saw E-UNI losing a couple of t1 cruisers to our gang. affterwards E-UNI wanted to go for round 2, and our FC agreed. Apparently the terms for the fight were no more than 1 triage per side, with no dreads allowed. the E-UNI fleet jumped into system with a Typhoon fleet with many support vessels. SpaceViolence formed Neuting Geddons with some T3 support. Our FC instructed GROON pilots to jump in and start the fight, the E-UNI fleet engaged and the FC jumped everyone else in. Not long afterwards the enemy fleet jumped in 3 Archons (which was presumed as triage), as well as our side dropping 2 archons and a nid.

At this point, both sides felt the terms of battle were broken, but i do not know who dropped the triage first. Since we were pretty fairly outnumbered we were not able to break their reps with what we had, so our FC rageformed 6 supers and 2 titans. He called for the cuno and our super fleet jumped in.

One of their carriers gets DD’ed off the bat however the other targeted archon managed to survive the DD. With our heavy force multiplier, their fleet started to burn. The enemy retreated and we allowed them to leave. Whats funny was that later on it was revealed that 2 of their archons were Pantheon Fit, while the other archon was triage. So technically E-UNI did not break the terms of engagement. Also since Supers and titans were not mentioned on the rules of engagement (only dreads not allowed) we technically did not break the terms either lol. either way it was a fun fight, and our FC generouslly sacrficed our nid to the E-UNI fleet, since they gave us a great fight”


Titus Tallang from IVY was in one of the Archons during the fight, he tells his side of the story:

Titus Tallang
EVE University
Ivy League
“Got a ping from our nullsec campus about goons wanting to play, they said they were bringing a triage, so I offered to drop triage too to make it even. Meanwhile, FC also decided to drop two more nontriage archons for refitting. Goons thought the two other archons were also triage so their ~space bushido~ was offended and they dropped supers on us.

When I saw the two avatars land I refit for full em hards and heated and successfully tanked the DD with plenty of armor to spare, but the carrier next to me was a newer bro that got caught off guard by the titans and didn’t manage to refit in time so he was popped.

The third archon had bounced when jumping in (his first time dropping a cap, he gets fluffy newbro protection, no salt there) and was like 20km from me so I couldn’t refit and was stuck with a full rack of EM hards that did absolutely nada against the Tyrfings that were chewing my face off so I exploded too in short order.”

This article originally appeared on, written by Wolf Merrik.

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