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Battle Report: The Assault Begins

Elthar Nox 2021-07-30

And so it begins. The assault that we have all been waiting for has commenced. At 1300 EVE on July 30, Pandemic Horde leader Gobbins sent a ping to the PAPI mega coalition for Harpies – and from there it…

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The Point of No Return

Gray Doc 2021-02-08

After what has happened to Goons in WWB, I’m really worked up. I want vengeance. It is amazing how much emotion can get stirred up when, after all, this is only a game. However, we invest so much of our time and…

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Breaking: Imperium Anchors Keepstar in 6RCQ-V

Arrendis 2018-07-11

As part of the ongoing buildup of forces in the region of Cloud Ring, Goonswarm has anchored a Keepstar in 6RCQ-V, on the border of Fade. If the citadel successfully onlines, this will mark a significant upgrade in defensive fortifications…

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A Christmas treat

mistwarden 2017-12-27

‘Twas the night before christmas, and all through NPC Delve Not a structure was standing, not even one anchored by Gobbins himself The ceptors were murdered on the gate with care In hopes that PL would actually be there The…

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Imperium War Update: Day 11 – Thump and Grind

Alexander "The Mittani" Gianturco 2017-08-15

With the first ten days of the deployment done, it’s time to analyze what’s happening in this campaign so far. Warning: strategic autism follows. The Chessboard – Day One: Before we deployed, our enemies were dispersed across multiple fronts, too…

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Sotiyo Loot Enigma – The Logs Show Something

Rhivre 2017-06-03

After the Blood Raider Sotiyo exploded this afternoon there was a lot of confusion about the loot. Neither Imperium nor TEST have immediately claimed they have the BPC, and there have been no screenshots forthcoming on Reddit. There was a video…

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Ascendance Onlines A Keepstar!

Macky Avelli 2017-05-30

Though there is an ongoing joke amongst the Imperium of “kick ASCEE” (along with SNOOO), there is an air of pride among the ranks of Ascendance today. ASCEE has officially gotten their first Keepstar up and running, and fully fitted. After…

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To Wish Upon A Wyvern: The Story of a Newbee in a Super

Rauski Koraka 2017-05-12

Blink and you would have missed it. At 23:30 Eve time on May 7 a Goonswarm Federation Wyvern belonging to Amy Winthrop of the corporation Ascendance was downed in the lowsec region of Everyshore by Shadow Cartel. only fourteen minutes after…

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MiniCom – The Ministry of Communication

Shingly 2017-05-09

THE PROBLEM WITH DENSELY POPULATED VOICE SERVERS For a very long time, a common gripe among our members would be that our primary Fleet channels and largest squads would be littered with unnecessary noise. This often irritated others or even prevented…

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CO2 Nyx down to Imperium

Rhivre 2017-04-17

The Fortizar fight in V-3GY7 that took place on Friday claimed another victim today when a Nyx belonging to CO2 was lost to a passing Imperium fleet The pilot had safelogged on a gate in the system and had decided…

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V-3YG7 Fortizar Fight – Servers vs Everyone

Stephanie Daugherty 2017-04-17

On Friday, April 14, a battle over a final timer for a Fortizar brought out over 2000 pilots, and sent the Imperium home empty-handed as a server node plagued by soul-crushing lag and stuck modules allowed the structure to repair…

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TEST saves, then loses Wyvern in G-M4GK

Stephanie Daugherty 2017-04-13

TEST saved and then proceeded to lose a Wyvern today in G-M4GK in Paragon Soul to a joint Red Menace Coalition and Imperium operation. The Red Menace Coalition, a collection of mostly Russian-speaking alliances initially tackled the super and were…

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ALOD: First Vendetta in EVE Killed by AWOX while Ratting

Macky Avelli 2017-03-02

Yep, you read that right. The first Vendetta loss has occurred in New Eden on March 1. Not only that, it died while ratting.  The faction supercarrier was estimated at an adjusted price tag of approximately 100b ISK. Favonius89 was…

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Submission 2016-08-04

With the withdrawal of the Imperium from its holdings in the north, vast convoys of capital ships have been traveling towards the Imperium’s newly claimed home of Delve. In contrast with many previous Imperium deployments, this relatively long move has…