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Pavlov’s Dragon

Asher 2018-03-26

Rewatching yourself FC EVE is pretty unimpressive. You get the sense of “is that it?” and “it seems like anyone could do this”. Most FCing is like hiring a plumber. You aren’t paying for him to turn a wrench and…

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BREAKING: Titans Down in Pure Blind, Major Dreadbomb Takes a Toll

Ketriaava 2018-03-24

Early on March 24, several DARKNESS. titans were destroyed by a massive dreadbomb by various combined lowsec and southern forces in the Pure Blind system of ROIR-Y. The initial engagement that sparked the severe response was reported to have been…

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Pandemic Horde to abandon Fade and Pure Blind, relocate to Geminate

Paramemetic 2018-02-11

After a day of rampant rumor and speculation on Reddit, sources inside Pandemic Family confirmed that Pandemic Horde will be relocating its operations to Geminate. In a forum post today, Horde leadership announced their plans to relocate from Fade and…

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200b ISK Capital Battle in ROIR-Y and the Loki That Lived

Ganoes 2018-01-12

PURE BLIND – ROIR-Y: A battle over Imperium citadels in NPC Pure Blind on January 10 stacked up a total bill of over 200b ISK. The story of this quite notable fight begins with one of the Imperium’s northernmost outpost-citadels…

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Burning Ring of Fire: Goon Reprisals Destroy Billions, Flip Sov in Cloud Ring

Macky Avelli 2018-01-10

CLOUD RING – Prelle Constellation: Sudden and unexpected fighting has broken out in the historically peaceful region of Cloud Ring. The bloodshed has consumed billions of ISK in resources, and seen control of multiple systems contested. Two systems, MJYW-3 and…

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Keep-ing Christmas in New Eden

JuriusDoctor 2018-01-04

The holidays have come and gone, and with them, a host of distractions and claims on everyone’s time. With that in mind, we take a look back at something you might have missed in the hubbub: a Keepstar died. It’s not…

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Mahan Denied – DRF Sotiyo down in 83-YGI

Hopeful Turtle 2017-10-27

Over the evening of October 24, Guardians of the Galaxy and Drone Region Federation fleets clashed en masse in the system of 83-YGI over a Sotiyo. The Sotiyo was rumoured to contain 4 supercapitals in build, and therefore constituted a…

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Goon Insider: Friday Night Fights Goes North

Romulus Loches 2017-10-25

While the Imperium is known for weaponizing boredom, they do provide content for their members. They do this by having squads, special interest groups, and other regular events. A recent addition is Friday Night Fights. This is a USTZ fleet…

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Massacre in MTO2-2 – 302b ISK in ships destroyed

Macky Avelli 2017-10-19

Perrigen Falls continue to run red with podgoo this week after a sizable battle in MTO2-2 left 302b ISK worth of smoldering wrecks behind. Guardians of the Galaxy had a Fortizar anchoring on October 16th, and many of the major…

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Welcome to the Fricken Guardians Of The Galaxy

Johnny Crowe 2017-09-25

Only He Didn’t Use Fricken The Guardians of the Galaxy were a coalition I had not heard of until the battles of Hakonen. I’ll admit I had taken a few years away from this game. So while I had the…

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Imperium Dreadnoughts Down in Nalvula Brawl

Rhivre 2017-08-22

On August 20, a huge brawl erupted in Nalvula in Lonetrek. The fight was short and sweet, and by the time it was over, just over 700b ISK had been lost. We spoke to Pandemic Legion FC Killahbee, who was…

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The Curious Case of Ironwulf’s Demise

David Matterall 2016-08-31

Today, Pandemic Legion’s (PL) fishing crew “La Cámara De Negro” (Black Chamber) struck down supers from former members of Sort Dragon’s GotG coalition in Deklein (DKUK-G). Short Bus Syndicate (Shortbus) lost two titans and three supercarriers, and Infensus lost an Erebus…