Keep-ing Christmas in New Eden


The holidays have come and gone, and with them, a host of distractions and claims on everyone’s time. With that in mind, we take a look back at something you might have missed in the hubbub: a Keepstar died.

It’s not the only loss that Cruisers Crew (CC) has experienced in recent days. It is the most significant, though. The structure itself was valued at 300 Bn ISK (even unfitted), and over a thousand pilots turned up for the timer.

The fight happened on the morning of December 22, following this Reddit post which announced CC was dropping a Keepstar in Syndicate.  I spoke with Thomas Lear, Imperium Capital FC, who was at the fight. He informed me that he only learned of the structure after line members notified him of the Reddit post.

Well this Keepstar was posted to Reddit so one of my guys linked me the Reddit post and I decided to look into it.

…any Keepstar dropped in EVE is a major event. One dropped this close to Delve drew our attention because I really didn’t know what the intent of the people dropping it was. Later I learned some more but the plans were already in motion at that point.

And, really, any Keepstar dropped that I feel could be used against us has to get blown up.

I had a discussion with a member of Goonswarm’s Corps Diplomatique regarding the Keepstar. They wouldn’t comment about any diplomatic overtures that may or may not have been made regarding the deployment of the Keepstar, of course. However, they did say that dropping a Keepstar anywhere close to GSF space will be measured as an act of aggression. As such, it will receive a response proportionate to that act.

Reddit alleged that there was some alliance- and/or coalition-level strife over the deployment of the Keepstar. But, since I do not tend to rely on Reddit for my news, I decided to go direct to the source. In a brief interview with Kurisu Makkashi, leader of Cruisers Crew, I was able to ask about the lead-up to the fight, and the context around the deployment of the behemoth structure.

Kurisu Makkashi: We tried to ninja the Keepstar, and it wasn’t a ploy to use it in a specific campaign; just nice as a solo entity to establish ourselves somewhere. Within 2 hours it was discovered and info was passed. I had an Imperium member contact me to inform me that Imperium was now aware and had no intentions of letting it live. As disappointing as this was we welcomed the content.

This was a corp level decision. We maintain our desire to remain a solo entity but it’s apparent that any timer related to our corp will result in overwhelming Imperium numbers. Fighting Imperium head on, or any of its alliances, will not be possible for CC.

Different strategies will have to be employed.

Jurius Doctor: Was leaving Ghost Legion part of the plan?

KM: We got kicked for deploying the Keepstar. They wanted us up there and part of the DRF/Tri war. We didn’t have any interest in this. We enjoy our autonomy. The issue is finding an alliance respectful enough to have Cruisers Crew.

JD: Was leaving GL part of the anticipated effects of dropping the Keep?

KM: It was more of a side effect and a ‘meh’ situation. Usually we put way more on the line than any corp we know, and end up just being F1 monkeys to a core leadership who won’t share decision making. Or outrageous requirements like taxes on moons and space.

JD: What can you tell me about Cruisers Crew and who you are?

KM: Cruisers Crew is a content generating corp designed to produce content in all its fashions fleet-wise; roams, blops,cap escalations and – contrary to all the shit posting – CC is a fantastic corp with good pilots and good people.

We’ve proven our resolve many times, and our capabilities facing a 600+ Imperium fleet with our 50 members who were online. It’s not always about the win, but the fight itself.

Sources at Ghost Legion confirmed that Cruisers Crew was kicked for dropping the Keepstar against orders, but had no further comment.

Kurisu and I spoke a little longer about the challenges faced by mid-tier entities and relations with larger organizations. There is, in New Eden and in Null, ample opportunity for driven, determined, and bold groups to generate content and make a space for themselves. Perhaps CC going as far as to drop a Keep in Syndicate, a short distance from Delve, was premature given the lack of prior communication with Imperium. I’m not one to say, as it wasn’t my structure and I’m not an alliance leader.

There is an advantage in sheer marketing value of making your name known by doing something bold, even if you fail. Besides, as the latest Star Wars film is apt to remind us, failure is the greatest teacher.

It can be argued, as well, that no content is bad content.

As for the Keepstar fight itself, I was there observing another valuable tradition and type of content-generation in New Eden; the Secret Santa roam.

This is why if you look at the above Battle Report* you’ll find Iron Armada flying a hilarious and nonsensical assortment of kitchen-sink vessels, including a glorious Battle Rorqual piloted by Tridgit. I was flying a decently fit Bhaalgorn gifted to me by Meredudd, host of the MindClash Podcast, and for us the fight was just a place to be to explode. That is half the fun, after all.

Events like these – whether they be Keepstar fights or Christmas roams – are some of the best gifts any of us can give to New Eden, because they generate the kind of content you can walk away from with a smile. Sometimes you go looking for insurmountable odds, and sometimes they’re thrust upon you, but you learn nothing from sport. Fighting on the wrong side of asymmetrical can be fun, and the Holidays are often the perfect time for it.

So to Kurisu and his gang I say a hearty, “Thank you.”


*The battle report has some groupings which have been forced by the limited number of columns offered by BRcat. Any inaccuracies are the result of said constraints or my own ignorance.

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  • Rammel Kas

    I think it has already been fairly well documented what happens to anything larger than the smaller citadels within 2 midpoints of the nearest Imperium held system. Witness the ‘winter war’ mess in Catch. And stillborn horde “deployment” to NPC delve over Christmas which Gobbins put a very brave little face on.

    Do try to realize that due to the past form of parties like PL to use newly founded alt corporations or to taint the reputation of ‘independent’ groups by pulling them into “NPSI” fleets where they end up shooting strategic objectives there is no way for the Imperium to differentiate. It is far easier for us to destroy these things first on the principle and ask questions later.

    You would not buy a house without first checking out the neighborhood? There are other independent alliances in the area. How did they do it? Who did they speak to first?

    January 4, 2018 at 12:25 PM
  • British Person Wierdox

    You’re two weeks late.

    Can’t wait for you to see what we do next. /foreshadowing/

    January 5, 2018 at 4:50 AM