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Self-Policing and Public Relations

Seir Luciel 2022-05-19

At 12:15 ET on March 23, Fraternity undocked over 30 Titans and a number of smaller ships. They then locked on to two of those Titans, Fraternity’s own, and blasted them into space dust. That’s right: Fraternity pointed the gun…

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Big Trouble In Little Esoteria

Elthar Nox 2022-01-07

Fraternity (FRT) has declared war on the The Army of Mangos (AoM). In a State Of The Alliance released by Noraus on January 5, he announced their intention to officially commence hostilities against their long-term rival. This war comes as…

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Mango Picking Season Begins

VanPatton 2021-09-22

After WWB (Beeitnam) ended, the question was in the air of what the next war would entail. Many bet that Goons would wage war against TEST. Others theorized that Fraternity would move against their long-time rival Army of Mangoes (AoM)….

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Battle Report: Titans Down in Lonetrek

Elthar Nox 2021-08-13

WinterCo and Snuffed Out continued their escalation with another huge engagement, this time in the system of Otsasai in Lonetrek. The fight started over an Azbel timer and exploded rapidly, with FRT deploying 39 Titans, 77 Supers and 99 Dreads…

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Battle report: Hy Wanto Be The Very Best

Aneu 2021-07-30

In what can only be described as a rout, Snuffed Out and Fraternity came to blows over Customs Offices in Hakonen just after downtime today.  The Fight With Fraternity attacking Snuffed-allied POCOs, Tau AD, decided to return the favor with…

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Battle Report: Escalation in Vale

Elthar Nox 2021-07-24

Snuffed Out poke the Panda Snuffed Out have lost a large dread brawl in Vale of the Silent against Fraternity. Early reports indicate that Snuffed Out, the primarily Low Sec alliance, outnumbered 2:1, have suffered their largest defeat of their…

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Battle Report: China TZ Hits 3-D

Elthar Nox 2021-05-25

The PAPI Coalition called in its Chinese time zone members for a huge push into the O-EIMK constellation. Assembling just after downtime, combined fleets of Fraternity, Army of Mangos, and Siege Green accompanied their PAPI allies fielding over 1000 pilots…

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Fraternity Fires on AoM

Moomin Amatin 2021-04-21

Over the past weekend, PAPI members Fraternity [FRT] and Army of Mangos [AoM] clashed and shot each other, despite both organizations being allied together in PAPI.  Here’s the battle report. Analyzing the BR, we see a mixture of PAPI members,…

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Imperium Sacrifices 250 Dreads to Kill Keepstar in FWST-8

Arrendis 2020-10-05

OCT 5, 2020: FWST-8, DELVE—Nearly 3700 players clashed in NPC Delve today in what is likely the bloodiest single engagement of World War Bee. The fighting centered on an anchoring FRT Keepstar. Outnumbered by as many as 500 opponents, the…

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Legacy SOTA: Math and Maps

Robert Miller 2020-09-20

In a stunning display of waffling, TEST military directors Progodlegend (PGL) and Vily held a brief state of the alliance (SOTA) meeting earlier today in which Vily said the chances of their forces winning the war with the Imperium were…

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Goons Survive and Thrive

Ban Syrin 2020-07-01

The war drums are beating. Shouts of ‘the end of Goons’ and ‘the birth of a new nullsec’ are heard across New Eden. The ruckus comes as a result of Legacy ending its three-year Non-Invasion Pact with the Imperium on…

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ProGodLegend: TEST Prepares for ‘War of Annihilation’

Robert Miller 2020-06-30

TEST Alliance Please Ignore (TEST) is preparing for “total war”. That is the position of ProGodLegend, Military Commander for TEST. The surprise admission came during a June 28 alliance ‘town hall’ meeting. During the same meeting, TEST claimed to have…

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Not So Socially Distant In Space

Robert Miller 2020-03-27

My main belongs to one of the alliances that make up the Imperium. It holds space north of Delve, and is one of several groups that form a defensive shield on the western edge of the map against any invasion…

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The Imperium Welcomes Ranger Regiment as Trial Members

Arrendis 2020-02-16

Ranger Regiment has joined the Imperium. In a post of the same title on the official Goonfleet forums, Goonswarm alliance CEO and Imperium autocrat the Mittani announced the move and extended the coalition’s hand in friendship. “I would like to…