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The Life and Death of the first Chremoas

TMC Archives 2013-10-25

In contrast to the blaze of stupidity that was the first Moracha loss, the first Chremoas left a trail of burning wrecks in its invisible wake. In roughly two months of flying the Chremoas, Tropic9 and his alt destroyed over…

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Tech 3 Cruisers: Reality Check

Submission 2013-09-30

On March 10th, 2009, CCP released wormholes and four Tech 3 (T3) Strategic Cruisers in the Apocrypha expansion, including one hull for each of the major Empire factions: Legion, Loki, Proteus, and Tengu. Ever since their introduction, Strategic Cruisers have been an indispensable, and often expensive, tool of exploration…

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Interceptor Piloting Handbook

TMC Archives 2013-09-07

The interceptor is a near necessity for any fleet. These small advanced frigates are the best ship to fill the role of tackler, given their bonuses, speed, price, and skill point requirements. By taking on the tackling role, interceptors allow other…

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TEST Moves to Curse

TMC Archives 2013-09-01

TEST spent the past few weeks in Soliara following their defeat in the Fountain War against the CFC. In an announcement on the TEST forums, alliance leader BoodaBooda describes the next steps the alliance is to take as they continue to find…

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-A- Threatens To Invade Providence

TMC Archives 2013-08-31

During the recent departure of The Initiative (INIT.) from the Catch Region, the Volition Cult (VOLT) alliance from the Providence bloc (ProviBloc) struck a deal with INIT to transfer G-AOTH, KA6D-K, and three other systems in northern Catch to VOLT’s…

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Why Do People Bot?

Submission 2013-08-31

Botters are possibly the most hated demographic in EVE. Despised by everyone not among their number and most of their kin, many people believe all bots should be permanently banned from EVE—and some are. This leads to a most intriguing…

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Submission 2013-08-12

Kovorix of Matari Exodus [.EXO.] really showcases the raw power of the Omen Navy Issue in the hands of a true pro in this video. Armed only with a T2 fit and a modest clone, Kovorix absolutely lays waste to…

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Rental Empires in EVE

TMC Archives 2013-08-11

Renting has long been a common means of alliance income for dwellers in the South and was the primary economic engine that powered the successful Drone Russian invasion of the Northern Coalition in 2011. Legion of xxDeathxx’s was so advanced in…

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Ten PL Supercarriers Ambushed: Revenant Down

TMC Archives 2013-07-08

The Trap Several months ago, Verge of Collapse placed a spy, Bandwidthh, with an Aeon into Pandemic Legion. Pandemic Legion often ‘fishes’ for capital kills using small groups of 10-15 supercarriers, and the spy began leading successful fishing operations to build…

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Submission 2013-05-19

(Author’s Note: Special thanks to MonsterMashn for the photo help, and the folks of Sickology for the info about their Gnosis fleets.) With the celebrations of Fanfest and EVE’s 10th birthday now a pleasant, hazy memory, I figured it was…

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Planetary Interaction 102: Getting To Work

TMC Archives 2013-04-21

(Author’s note: Initially this was intended as a single guide. After churning out a wall of text, however, I decided to break it down into multiple parts. Part one discussed what planetary interaction actually is and how to prepare a…

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Carriers 101: Training

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2013-03-13

(Author’s note: As this is my first piece that is not news of some sort, I’ve decided to let down my hair a little.  Those that might be offended by colourful language should harden the fuck up.) This summer, CCP…