IWantISK.com Blacklisting Removed; Several Members Banned


After nearly a month of rumors and speculation, access to the popular in-game gambling website IWantISK.com has been restored inside the Eve Online browser. On May 18, Kyle Aparthos reported on the incident, citing rumors that it was shut down due to connection with real money trading (RMT). Despite the backlash for reporting this, it appears the suspicions were correct. ISK Mogul Adventures broke the story Thursday, citing an Eve Mail sent out to the members of the IWantISK mailing list. According to the Eve Mail, the shutdown was caused by an investigation by CCP into the workings of the website. While CCP found no problems with the website over all, several of the “bankers” were removed from the organization and allegedly banned for RMT.

I Want Isk in the EVE Online browser.

The now functional website displayed on the IGB

While not directly reposting the Eve Mail, I Want ISK of the I Want ISK Corp in-game corroborated this story in an Eve Online official forum post. Along with a brief thanks for some of the support shown in the month-long ordeal, I Want ISK also thanked CCP for investigating the matter and announced that new features will be coming to the website. Also included were a few promotional codes to entice players back to the website. This statement was tight-lipped when compared to the mailing list Eve Mail.

Inside the Eve Mail, I Want ISK revealed that they will be hiring new bankers soon due to the removal of several of their old bankers and as well as a new system that will allow better support of even more bankers than before. This new batch of bankers will be heavily dependent on a new API system. There are also a handful of new features that have already been implemented such as a gumball machine and “junk box.” Features like Texas Hold’em and Roulette are also being developed for the release of the so-called IWantISK 2.0. Lastly, the mail provide a list of five promo codes allegedly worth over 1 billion ISK. IWantISK is certainly not sitting still with this second lease on life.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Set’s Chaos.

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