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NetEase Targets Echoes RMT Community

JokerGuy 2020-09-17

Mobile games aren’t safe from botters or script kiddies, especially with the use of Android Emulators like BlueStack. NetEase, the developers behind EVE Echoes aren’t ignoring this fact, and the September 9 patch turned the screws on scripting/macros/button wizards, as…

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Dev Blog: New Year Security Update!

JuriusDoctor 2019-01-18

This year’s first security update comes on the heels of a large account ban wave related to botting and “client modification”, meaning hacked game clients. These alterations have been to support outside tools or third-party automation (bots), and covered in…

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Devblog: Security Update Q3

JokerGuy 2018-08-31

On August 31 CCP released their Q3 Security update from Team Security. 2018 has seen some serious changes in the material CCP provides to the Eve community and one hotly anticipated set of numbers is the count of hackers, bots,…

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Botters, Real-Money Transactions, and the 59B ISK Condor

JMoravia 2018-01-29

On Saturday, January 20, a bizarre entry appeared on zkillboard.  It showed a Condor, completely unfit, being ganked in Jita for a loss of nearly 59 billion ISK. Fifty-nine billion ISK. The cargo that made it so valuable was 73…

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IWantISK.com Blacklisting Removed; Several Members Banned

TMC Archives 2015-06-13

After nearly a month of rumors and speculation, access to the popular in-game gambling website IWantISK.com has been restored inside the Eve Online browser. On May 18, Kyle Aparthos reported on the incident, citing rumors that it was shut down…