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The HyperNet Relay: A Year in Review

Gwailar 2021-03-07

Fifteen months ago CCP introduced a raffle system into EVE called the HyperNet Relay. At the time of its announcement and launch it prompted both a significant amount of hype and a significant amount of pushback among EVE’s player base….

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Hypernet Relay: lose all your ISK at Hyper-speed

mistwarden 2019-11-28

At EVE London, CCP informed us about something they called the ‘Hypernet Relay’. The update was to arrive on Singularity on November 27, and go live to TQ as of December 10. Hilmar described it as “something future forward […]…

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Valve Takes Action against Skin Gambling

TMC Archives 2016-07-15

When Valve introduced weapon skin ‘crates’ to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive just under three years ago, it was advertised as letting players “experience all the illicit thrills of black market weapons trafficking without any of the hanging around in darkened warehouses…

0 Uncategorized Blacklisting Removed; Several Members Banned

TMC Archives 2015-06-13

After nearly a month of rumors and speculation, access to the popular in-game gambling website has been restored inside the Eve Online browser. On May 18, Kyle Aparthos reported on the incident, citing rumors that it was shut down…