Hard Knocks, Haywire, Lazerhawks vs. Wormhole Russians in J232336 destroy 30bn ISK


In wormhole-space on June 4th at 14:00 in J232336, Hard Knocks Citizens [HKRAB], Haywire. [HWRE], Lazerhawks [LZHX], and To Be Determined Alliance [TOBED] have engaged the Russians: Na’Vi. [-NVS-], Enamoria Heritage [ENAGE], and Nocturnal Predators Rus [NPRUS]. The battle is over control of J232336, and the isk war has so far been won by HKRAB et al.

HKRAB and friends used a T3 fleet supported by an Archon and Revelation, while NVS and friends fielded 8 Naglfars and 3 Archons (though some of these were reships). PoVar RaZvOd commanded the fleet of NVS and allies. HKRAB inflicted 33bn ISK while Na’Vi only inflicted 6.5bn ISK in losses. Notable kills included 4 Naglfars and 3 Archons on the Na’Vi side, and the Archon and Revelation on the HKRAB side.

According to Agron Nopileo, CEO of ENAGE, this battle is part of an ongoing conflict over J232336. NVS and ENAGE had previously evicted TOBED. HWRE rallied to aid them but was unsuccessful, so they called in LZHX and HKRAB resulting in this battle.

Both NVS and ENAGE were formerly members of Galaxy Alliance [GA]. NVS had left a day earlier, and ENAGE left after no reinforcements came from those allies for the battle.

Hidden Fremen of LZHX commented:

To Be Determined contact Haywire., who contacted Isogen, who contacted us, to kill some invader capitals of Navi, Galaxy, etc. There was a point Hard Knocks got involved, too. No politics here. Just killing things because they need to die.

TMC has reached out to Noobman of HKRAB and Povar Razvod of NVS for comment via evemail and will update this article with their responses.

Update: Baki Asanari of To Be Determined has provided some additional information:

“had previously evicted”
The day after they popped some of our caps:
After we killed their ‘eviction’ fleet they brought in 3 more archons and 4 more naglfars. That’s when we escalated. We loaned the archon/rev to Haywire during our off TZ.
Galaxy/Dura Lexx have not brought any additional reinforcements and are waiting for their POS’s to die.

Update II: Louis Catcher, CEO of Haywire, had this to say:

just fyi, we never batphoned HK/LZHK, they just happened to be in the chain and close by, Haywire held hole control from the point that FN3F logged and until the last fight. We had most pilots in system during the whole engagement.
Anyhow, back in the days Haywire got seeded by Galaxy, Total absolution. hence we have an animosity against Na’VI– main reason why we answered our batphone and deployed our entire force in to J232336.
We baited with the revelation, but due to a drag bubble being placed the second after I call our 2 archons to warp it separated our fleet and we lost the revelation and one archon. although it gave us enough time to get our subcap fleet on top of the naglfars and Na’VIs fleet which in the end resulted in victory. our other archon got out in 30% hull.
there was also an engagement earlier during the day, where they engaged with 3 naglfars, and their 2 archons, we had the fight untill our phoenix pilot crashed mid fight and died horribly to the naglfars, we had Na’VIs archons neuted out and down in hull. l killed a vindicator, then we managed to disengage with the rest of the fleet due to our 4 bhaals being able to neut the their tacklers. actually we only had 2 bhaals in the second engagement got 2 bhaals in after that, we also bought an archon and brought it in, maybe that counts too.

Update III: TMC has received this comment from NoobMan of hardknocks:

Russians inavded some small corp. Haywire came and helped them. Haywire baited, HK/LZHKS waited 3 jumps away until the russians took the bait. by the time We got there Haywire lost the bait Revalation and a carrier/bhaalgorn. HK/LZHKS fc’d by Me held the field and killed the russian caps 1 by 1.

The funny way we baited the russians was we warped the Revalation to the static and waited for them to sabre bubble it. which took like 5 mins. Way to obvious bait. Which is ironic because Na’vi and the Russians are NOTORIOUS for baiting with an archon on a reduced hole.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Ramon Rakow.

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