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Amarr Reconquista Part 3: Fitting the Pieces Together

Vulxanis Viceroy 2017-08-21

We reach the end of our trilogy into similarities of the Amarr and Spanish. The first article went over the historical timeline of the Amarr Empire and the second article did the same with the Spanish Empire. This final piece…

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Amarr Reconquista Part 2: Rise of the Spanish Empire

Vulxanis Viceroy 2017-08-18

This article is a continuation of an academic cultural analysis regarding one of the real-life parallels to the fictional faction of the Amarr Empire. In part one, I covered how the Amarr originated from Earth and discussed multiple points of…

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Amarr Reconquista Part 1: From the Ashes, an Empire of the Stars

Vulxanis Viceroy 2017-08-14

This past semester was especially stressful. I had many papers and I barely slept for the two weeks prior to finals. A silver lining to this insomnia and caffeine-fueled late night paper writing nightmare, was the chance to actually use…

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The Apostle in Amarr

Rhiannon Williams 2017-02-19

*may contain propaganda* An Apostle in Amarr? Isn’t that a capital ship? Why yes it is! In hi-sec? Why yes it is! News just in is the that his Holiness Max Singularity VI, First of his Name, otherwise known as…

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New Eden’s Empires Ignore Sixty-Two-Million Deaths

Vulxanis Viceroy 2016-12-29

A few weeks ago, the largest concentration of players in gaming history to date converged on a Keepstar citadel in the system of M-OEE8. It was such a big deal that CCP even made Scope videos about the days leading up…

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Something is Rotten in the State of Amarr

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2016-09-14

On September 27, YC118, Lady Catiz Tash-Murkon is expected and anticipated to be crowned Empress Catiz I of the Holy Amarr Empire. She will be the third female ruler that the Amarr Empire has ever had—succeeding the second, Empress Jamyl…

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Purity of the Throne Event Bug

Jack Hulatt 2016-09-13

Tuesday, September 13, saw the release of EVE Online patch 118.8, bringing with it a number of new features, such as mining barge rebalance and retextures and a High Angle Weaponry rebalance. Lore-wise, the main feature was the Purity of the Throne…

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Jamyl State Funeral Announced —Will Drifters Threaten Security?

TMC Archives 2015-09-16

Imperial officials have announced that the official state funeral of Empress Jamyl I will take place on Amarr Prime on Sunday, September 20. Officials have stated that security concerns are paramount, the potent shields over the Imperial City have been enhanced….

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TMC Archives 2015-09-13

The Amarr Empire is sponsoring an event during the period of September 15-25 in order to prepare clone soldiers for the upcoming war, while capsuleers prepare for the tournament that will name the next emperor of the Amarr Empire. Participants…

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Amarr Empire Declares War on Drifters

TMC Archives 2015-08-28

In direct reaction to Friday’s horrific murder of Empress Jamyl I, the Amarr Empire is marshaling its military forces and has officially declared a state of war between the Empire and the Difters. Grand Admiral Kezti Sundara described the threat…

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TMC Archives 2015-08-22

In the wake of Jamyl Sarum I’s tragic death yesterday, CCP Logibro announced on the Alliance Tournament live stream and on the forums that, as is tradition, each Amarrian House will put forth a champion to fight to the death…

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SoCT Vessel Destroyed Under Order of Jamyl Sarum

TMC Archives 2015-07-31

The Amarr Empress, Jamyl Sarum I, fired upon and destroyed a Society of Conscious Thought Gnosis-class vessel at the Mekhios Graveyard in Sarum Prime. The Empress was present in order to commemorate the occasion in which Amarr loyalists (primarily from…

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Amarr Empress Boldly Faces Down Space Pope in Tense Standoff

Rhiannon Williams 2015-07-20

In a surprising turn of events on Saturday, the Amarr Navy released a statement announcing a ceremonial Imperial keel-laying of a new ship “based on the Abaddon-class combat battleship platform.” While this was interesting in itself, what was really eye-opening…

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GSF CEO Update: The Imperial March

Submission 2015-04-14

(Editor’s Note: Alliance Updates are aimed at internal audiences and usually are considered the gospel truth by their membership but vile propaganda by everybody else. You should definitely know this by now. Now, enjoy this update from The Mittani.) lord marshal…