SoCT Vessel Destroyed Under Order of Jamyl Sarum


The Amarr Empress, Jamyl Sarum I, fired upon and destroyed a Society of Conscious Thought Gnosis-class vessel at the Mekhios Graveyard in Sarum Prime.

The Empress was present in order to commemorate the occasion in which Amarr loyalists (primarily from the Curatores Veritatis Alliance) destroyed an armada of drifter battleships. The Empress, within her Avatar-class titan [EF] Seraph undocked from the Emperor Family Academy in Amarr and travelled to Sarum Prime accompanied by 4 Aeon Super Carriers and 2 Revelation Dreadnaughts.

The event began with the Empress delivering a speech, intending to inspire the Amarr loyalists present and discuss the increasing drifter threat. The empress described the drifters as such: “Today however, we face a new threat. A threat far greater than the foolish aspirations of a lesser race who remain unwilling to accept their true place as servants of His will. A threat not created of the Lord’s work. An abomination that reared its head as one of our oldest and most valued capsuleer loyalist organizations, Curatores Veritatis Alliance, celebrated while at ease from combat duty. While we do not yet understand the motives of this force, their intentions, or their will, the Drifters must be regarded as a threat, and the Empire must ensure that her borders remain secure.”

She then went on to state that the empire is “eternally grateful”  for the loyalty and support of capsuleer organizations such as CVA, and ended the speech with the expected “AMARR VICTOR.”

After the speech, the event took an interesting turn when a Gnosis piloted by Elder Mentor Matshi Raish of the Society of Conscious Thought began scanning the Avatar belonging to the Empress. When asked to state their purpose, the following response was given: “We are investigating potential existential threats under the terms of the ninth codicil to the Yulai Convention.” and stated that “Our activities are lawful and essential.”

After a few moments, the following warning was issued to the vessel “ATTENTION SOCIETY OF CONSCIOUS THOUGHT VESSEL – CEASE AND DESIST WITH ALL SCANNING ACTIVITY IMMEDIATELY AND RETREAT TO SAFE DISTANCE OF 100 KILOMETRES FROM [EF] SERAPH”.  This order was ignored and then repeated, with Raish reiterating the lawfulness of his actions.

After that statement was made, all nearby Imperial and loyalist vessels were ordered to ready their weapons, and a final warning to retreat was issued to the SoCT Gnosis. Instead of following it, Mentor Raish said the following “Very well, we have learned what we needed to learn.” and although he began to align out he was immediately fired upon by all surrounding vessels under order of the empress.

As of the writing of this article there has been no formal statement made by the Society of Conscious Thought in regards to the loss of the vessel.

Maximilian Singularity VI, Imperium backed claimant to the Amarr throne had the following to say in regards to the destruction of a ship which was doing nothing more than scanning.

“The scanning of ships occurs every second in New Eden.  The infamous organization known as ‘CODE’, scans ships undocking from the major high sec trade hubs every day.  Entosis links, now CONCORD approved equipment are used extensively throughout New Eden.  Entosis links are also used by my followers as we garner information about the Jove Listening Posts which are providing volumes of informations.

The simple act of scanning is and of itself is not illegal, yet, without due course of law, the Empress wielded her ‘unquestionable powers of obedience’ by the fanatic extremist Jamylites to fire Matashi Raish, thus shipping him, and podding him.

In his last broadcast to Sarum Prime local, he indicated that the Society Of Conscience Thought have received the information they came for their Inquisition.

I know that the Faithful, the Monks, the Bishops, and the Cardinals of my Star Diocese in addition to ‘some’ illuminated members of the Khanid Kingdom will be interested in the informations obtained by the Society Of Conscience Thought. ”

Those interested in reading the full logs from the event will be able to find them here.

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