Amarr Empress Boldly Faces Down Space Pope in Tense Standoff

Rhiannon Williams 2015-07-20

In a surprising turn of events on Saturday, the Amarr Navy released a statement announcing a ceremonial Imperial keel-laying of a new ship “based on the Abaddon-class combat battleship platform.” While this was interesting in itself, what was really eye-opening was the announcement that Her Imperial Majesty Jamyl I was confirmed to attend, ending her extended absence from public appearances which has lasted for over a year. Naturally there has been a great deal of speculation as to the reasons behind this. She was due to attend the ceremony in the Safizon system later the same day.

Word of this occasion soon captured the attention of New Eden’s capsuleers, eager to catch sight of the reclusive ruler. Many took the opportunity to make their way to the Safizon system in order to sate their curiosity. Many wished to be present in order to pledge their fealty to the woman they feel is their beloved Empress, and to celebrate the incipient production of this mouth-wateringly high specification spacecraft. Other capsuleers, inspired by very different reasons, also felt a pressing need to see for themselves someone they feel is no fit ruler for the Amarr Empire.

The Empress has a rival. A person who has emerged just over the last few months to throw down his gauntlet to gain an audience, or a response at the very least from this seemingly elusive, remote, distant and in his eyes, tyrannical individual. He has been called the Harbinger of Faith and Pope of New Eden, but names himself simply as Maximilian Singularity VI. The Empress herself was sadly unavailable for comment however, as we would very much prefer to give our audience a balanced view from both perspectives. This not being possible, we therefore decided to extend to this man, who has been accepted and declared ‘Pope of New Eden’ the opportunity to show his own personal stance on issues which he feels very passionate about, in order to stimulate debate, and hopefully a reply to his concerns.

These words are his and should be taken as his own individual views:


As an Amarrian holder, and retired 7th Fleet High Admiral, I came to Safizon System by free right and navigation to witness an event by our leader of the Amarr Empire.

After her official declarations my Kador Abaddon was targeted by an Avatar Titan Class in high sec space by Jamyl Sarum I, an act in high sec considered aggressive, especially when a non-logistics combat vessel conducts the yellow-boxing.

The fact that Jamyl Sarum I, took this long awaited public reappearance to use the honorable occasion, despite our differences, as a public soap box for her other agendas was inappropriate and lacking clear Imperial protocol and decorum.

As a result of this aggressive and unstable behavior by Jamyl Sarum, I am even more emboldened in the cause the people have brought to thee.  While I myself chose the road of decorum, and military grade discipline, many of the Pope’s supporters were very vocal to the Empress and many more sent public accolades to me.  I know these supporters are not under some other spell, and that they are of clear mind.  It is these Capsuleers that I stand shoulder to shoulder with, and I am honored they entrust me to lead this Inquisition so that we may return the glorious shine to our once Golden Empire.

Jamyl in her parting told me to “Bow before his will”.  In her ignorance, and arrogance to presume that I do not bow down every day, I say this… “I bow down before his will… and no OTHER!”


I exercised my right of free navigation to attend the dedication of the “Auctoritas” Battleship by her Highness.

I, as many others, greeted the Empress with respect and full title.  After she had made her declarations regarding the ship, I was promptly targeted by Jamyl’s Titan.

I tried to open a diplomatic private channel with Jamyl which was rejected.  Fearing for the safety of my high sec crew, which is a different contingent of crewmates that accompany me on my null sec operations, I broadcasted on all channels LOCAL.

“Jamyl Sarum I.  Why are you targeting me?”

I did not want any diplomatic incident in high sec and I also broadcasted, “I have the right of passage as an Amarrian. I am here for the people and to see ‘my leader’.

In response, Jamyl broadcasted publically as if to gain public attention and grandstand the event with, “Max Singularity – Your twisted view of Faith, and you quest to take a seat of power to which you have no rightful claim intrigues me.”

As the Harbinger of Faith, I would expected her view of my Faith as twisted since my Faith is in God and the awakened People, however I was surprised to learn that the most powerful leader in New Eden, the Empress of Amarr was so misinformed as to believe that I am trying to take her seat of power.  Now I understand that The Imperium has declared me the True Emperor of Amarr, that is their free right to do so, but in no case have I ever declared any notion of wanting to be Emperor.  If a succession were to occur, I would hope some one from my family of Kador or Tash-Murkon would again take the throne.

I was shocked that she was so misinformed, but then again, I was not surprised.

I was heartened that she was intrigued, for at least I am in her mind in competition with so many OTHER things.

My public response to her in LOCAL was, “Jamyl Sarum I.  I come only to talk in peace and ask questions of Inquisition, but today is not that day, for you are here for OTHER reasons.”

It was my attempt to politly tell the Empress that she was being inappropriate for the occasion at hand in witness of so many Amarr Navy servicemen.

Her public response was, “Max Singularity – You have no right of inquisition here. Bow before His will, and return to your nullsec politics.”

Again I was shocked.  She well knows that the free and clear minded Amarrians of the outer realms of null sec have dubbed me the Pope of New Eden, and indeed I shall return to null sec, and to Providence (in a way she has told me to go there).  But as far as right of inquisition, as Pope, I do indeed have that right, in fact, every Amarrian has that right of Inquisition, not just for God, but for the sake of our Empire, and our culture.

The Empress in her Titan then changed course and came at me.  She used no subspace communication, nor did she even use visual blinker navigation lights, just turned and bore down upon me.

Fearing that a Drifter attack was imminent, I launched shield repair drones and began reinforcing the Empress Titan.  Although we are of different minds, she is still the figurehead of our Empire while she is still in power, it is our duty to protect.  I did just that.  I am merciful, and I know honor while she may not.

With my shield repairing drones on her, she must have thought about how silly she was during her public admonishments of me then broadcasted in LOCAL, “Max  Singularity – Present your question to the Ministry of Internal Order, as any other citizen of the Empire would.”

She then changed course to align per her fleet commanders instructions.

I responded, “Jamyl Sarum I, Thank you for addressing my concerns, I will contact them.  I’m sure the investigation of yourself will find you innocent of the 8 charges by the people.”

With that, she micro jumped away from my collision zone, then with parting remarks, her fleet jumped directly out of system.

As we have previously stated, the above views are a personal reaction to this event from Maximilian Singularity VI. We accept no responsibility for the content of his words. TMC extends a cordial invitation to the Amarr Empress to voice her own opinions upon what seems to us to be an unfolding situation. Speculation is rife as to what we can expect next. We sincerely hope that a peaceful solution can be found to these negotiations.

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