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1 Eve Online

Evesterdam 2019: A Retrospective

Dirk Stetille 2019-03-28

So, Evesterdam 2019 has come and gone, and what a fantastic time it was too. More than 350 players and developers all got together in Amsterdam to eat, drink (or smoke), discuss EVE Online, and just generally have a great…

5 Eve Online

Operation Permafrost: an Introduction

mistwarden 2018-12-17

Operation Permafrost has been unleashed onto the test server on Saturday and has given players a chance to test and explore the event before it goes live on December 17. According to CCP Sledgehammer, “[We] hope you enjoy this one;…

0 Eve Online

Operation Frostline Begins

Submission 2015-12-09

Now is not a good time to be a Serpentis pirate Starting today with the December expansion, open season has been declared on Serpentis assets. With permission from Upwell Consortium and authorization from CONCORD, Mordu’s Legion has released coordinates to…

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TMC Archives 2015-08-22

In the wake of Jamyl Sarum I’s tragic death yesterday, CCP Logibro announced on the Alliance Tournament live stream and on the forums that, as is tradition, each Amarrian House will put forth a champion to fight to the death…

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Live: Drifters Defeat Amarr Navy at Safizon

Submission 2015-07-31

This afternoon in Safizon, a system in Amarr highsec, a huge Drifter battleship fleet arrived, occupying space around the gates and station. The Amarr Navy formed a fleet largely consisting of Omen Navy Issues to counterattack, but was completely routed….

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Amarr Empress Boldly Faces Down Space Pope in Tense Standoff

Rhiannon Williams 2015-07-20

In a surprising turn of events on Saturday, the Amarr Navy released a statement announcing a ceremonial Imperial keel-laying of a new ship “based on the Abaddon-class combat battleship platform.” While this was interesting in itself, what was really eye-opening…