Operation Frostline Begins


Now is not a good time to be a Serpentis pirate

Starting today with the December expansion, open season has been declared on Serpentis assets. With permission from Upwell Consortium and authorization from CONCORD, Mordu’s Legion has released coordinates to Serpentis Corporation storage sites all over New Eden. These sites will appear on overview as “Operation Frostline Target,” with capsuleers now able to warp to them and freely attack the Serpentis vessels inside. Any loot that drops from these sites will be considered their “just reward” for ridding New Eden of the Serpentis “nuisance”. The Mordu’s Legion announcement is featured in the latest Scope news video from Lina Ambre.

The Scope – Mordu’s Legion Announce Operation Frostline

According to a developer blog on the event, the expected loot to be found in these sites includes “apparel, synth-grade boosters, ship blueprints, all manner of high and low value modules, implants and Nexus Chips.”

Readers will remember how Upwell Consortium was recently founded to produce the future Citadel space stations and that they subsequently attacked and captured all Serpentis-controlled ORE stations in the Outer Ring region. Some Serpentis ships did escape, however, “carrying valuable research materials and blueprints belonging to Outer Ring Excavations.”  These blueprints, along with other ORE and Serpentis items, now form part of the loot available in Operation Frostline targets.

CCP adds that “loot drops will be changing over the course of the holidays to add in even more content.”

With this operation, Upwell Consortium hopes to consolidate its power and standing by enlisting all New Eden’s capsuleers as proxies in its fight against its Serpentis rival. But, as Lina Ambre speculates in her Operation Frostline report, to what end?

How to paricipate

Operation Frostline operates much the same as the Crimson Harvest event did in October. Throughout New Eden, in both k-space and w-space systems, Frostline celestial beacons will appear. If you are unable to find a site in populated systems, w-space may be your best bet. But be warned, other players might be competing for the same prize, or for a kill mark!

Also like the Crimson Harvest, a destroyer packs the right blend of firepower and mobility to take down these sites and collect the unique rewards on offer. As the video above notes, the Serpentis deliver – and are weak to – thermal and kinetic damage, so plan your fits with this in mind!

Each site will spawn three waves of Serpentis frigates, followed by three waves of cruisers behind an acceleration gate. After the cruisers are taken care of, a battlecruiser containing the site’s loot will appear.

Have you participated in Operation Frostline? Share your thoughts on the event, and on any loot you have picked up from the Serpentis (or other players) in the comments.

Thia article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Ion Blacknight.

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