Provi-Bloc catches mis-jumped Erebus


In Catch on December 7, at 21:24 EVE in 36N-HZ, a LEGIO ASTARTES ARCANUM (LEGIO) Erebus piloted by Talison Varte was destroyed by members of the Provi-Bloc. Provi-Bloc includes, amongst other members, the alliances of Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA), The Volition Cult (VOLT), Yulai Federation (YF), Apocalypse Now. (APOC) and Evictus. (IOU).

We spoke to the main FC involved for Provi-Bloc, corebloodbrothers, and the skirmish FC Wack Jack. Wack Jack and a 22-man gang were out roaming in Caracals and Scythes when they came across a Loki. Wack Jack reported, “There was a single Loki and he got tacked by our ‘ceptor 160 off gate. Cyno was up, and then five secs later that titan“.  It appears that a time-honoured misclick occurred; instead of pressing bridge, the Erebus pilot pressed jump. An interdictor pilot, Blanche Kouvo, kept him bubbled while the call went out for help. Talison Varte, being ill-fit for combat, appears to have deployed a mobile cynosural inhibitor and attempted to tank the damage in the hope of rescue.

Corebloodbrothers formed a 50-man gang to burn the thirteen jumps needed to reach and bring the titan down before LEGIO could respond. As time went on, more players came to the call and, at the end, a 200-man Provi-Bloc fleet destroyed the unfortunate Erebus. Messiah Neuranet got the final blow, while a noteworthy blaster-fit Hecate piloted by AnhalterAD got top damage.

A small number of unrelated corporations were also present to get on the killmail, or attempt to third-party the fight. Notable kills included a 4.8 billion ISK Orthrus and 3 billion ISK pod belonging to Padonac, who was shot down by the Provi-Bloc fleet six minutes before the titan was destroyed. Funnily enough, the Orthrus dropped as much loot as the Erebus, and had a shiner fit.

Talison Varte’s Erebus was not fit for combat, appearing to be in an inexpensive travel configuration and used primarily for bridging. It died with no kills to it’s name despite having a doomsday fitted. The loss totaled 105 billion ISK with a few x-type hardeners in the cargo. This is not the first time a titan pilot has made the simple error of clicking the wrong command. The two commands (Jump/Bridge) are very close together, and players have called for this to change.

TMC has reached out to Talison Varte for comment via evemail. No reply was available at the time of publishing.

This article originally appeared on, written by Cerussite.

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