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NRDS, Blackout, and the Vibrancy of NullSec

Erasmus Grant 2019-08-05

CCP recently began efforts to take EVE into an ‘Era of Chaos’. Part of this is aimed at breaking up the stagnation in nullsec with measures like the Blackout. But nullsec is not a uniform, featureless plain, and the Blackout…

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Providence Update: PL Ascendant

JMoravia 2018-02-14

The ten days since INN’s last Providence update have been extremely eventful, with an unexpected PL offensive coming just a few days before an even more unexpected public announcement from Provi-Bloc leadership. Prior to February 3, PL held sovereignty in…

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Breaking News: Final Timer for Sotiyo In 8P9-BM

Omar_al-Nakrar 2017-08-01

On August 1, a Sotiyo engineering complex in 8P9-BM comes into its final timer at 19:30 UTC. The Sotiyo is owned by Sev3rance (-7-), a member of Provi Bloc. For the last two days, Pandemic Legion (PL) have been sending out…

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Provi-Bloc catches mis-jumped Erebus

Submission 2015-12-08

In Catch on December 7, at 21:24 EVE in 36N-HZ, a LEGIO ASTARTES ARCANUM (LEGIO) Erebus piloted by Talison Varte was destroyed by members of the Provi-Bloc. Provi-Bloc includes, amongst other members, the alliances of Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA), The…

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Submission 2015-08-26

On August 24, the Imperium began its assault on the Providence bloc with the intent of destroying their Activity Defence Multipliers (ADM) by popping all their iHubs in the name of the true emperor, Maximilian Singularity VI. What initially began…

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Provibloc Gets in Tangle with Drifters during RP Event

TMC Archives 2015-06-29

During an official ceremony decreed by the Empress of the Amarr Empire herself, a Drifter Armada consisting of at least 100 Drifter ships entered the system Sarum Prime on 27 June 2015 at approximately 16:54 EVE Time. The timeline of events…