Breaking News: Final Timer for Sotiyo In 8P9-BM


On August 1, a Sotiyo engineering complex in 8P9-BM comes into its final timer at 19:30 UTC. The Sotiyo is owned by Sev3rance (-7-), a member of Provi Bloc.

For the last two days, Pandemic Legion (PL) have been sending out consistent reminders for strategic operation fleets to take down the Sotiyo. The Sotiyo is reported to contain three Titans that are under construction.  Due to structure mechanics, the destruction of the Sotiyo would also mean the loss of the Titans.

Both attackers and defenders started to form their fleets at 18:15 UTC. Pandemic Horde (PH) also have a fleet out for the timer. Northern Coalition (NCdot), and Mercenary Coalition (MC) are reported as possibly participating in the attack against the Sotiyo. An estimate of over 1.2T ISK is reported to be at stake in this fight. As the timer approaches, PL have a small number of dreads in system, CVA have one of their fleets comprised of Gnosis. As of 1925, local looks like this.

Jay Amazingness of Goonswarm is streaming it over on INN Twitch, so head over there to watch it as it unfolds.

Editor’s Note: We originally wrote that the value was 300b, we have now received new information regarding the contents, which brings the total to 1.2T. This has been corrected.

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  • Rhivre

    It looks like it is going to be a wipe of the Sotiyo. RIP Titans 🙁 Seems quite a few people have come down to get on the killmail.

    August 1, 2017 at 7:45 PM
  • Mintaki

    You can always join us Goons!

    August 3, 2017 at 3:35 AM