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Tranquility Down: No ETA On Return

Bill McDonough 2015-07-15

When Tranquility shut down for daily downtime on July 15th, everyone assumed it would be a normal, short downtime, followed by the continuation of the new FozzieSov activities we’ve all come to know and love. Unfortunately… not so much. In a statement released…

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Andrew Sturgis 2015-07-15

A week after the initial launch of Aegis and a month and a half of the Activity Defense Multiplier, the first day of the heavily reworked sovereignty mechanics spearheaded by CCP Fozzie has come and gone. The exact mechanics of…

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CCP Releases New Sovereignty Video

TMC Archives 2015-07-15

CCP have recently released a video containing a basic overview of the new sovereignty mechanics that came with the Aegis release.   The video details the process of capturing a station, beginning with the initial reinforcement using an entosis link,…

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Could No Man’s Sky be a content black hole?

TMC Archives 2015-07-15

There’s been a bit of buzz about procedurally-generated open world walking/mining/flying simulator No Man’s Sky recently. We have covered some of the interest here, most recently the game play video shown at E3, and there is a lot for people…

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Pandemic Legion loses Ragnarok in Aridia

TMC Archives 2015-07-15

It was a quiet evening in Aridia, until Rad1st of Lowsechnaya Sholupen (-LSH-) received word from contacts in Genesis about a supposed Pandemic Legion (-10.0) Nyx jumping into the system of Maseera, in the Aridia region. LSH hunters were dispatched immediately,…

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Probing Interdictors: A How To Guide

TMC Archives 2015-07-14

Probing interdictors are crucial to any kind of nullsec fighting in EVE Online, from gate camps to the largest fleet battles. In the heat of combat, it’s all too easy to bubble your own fleet and get yourself killed by…

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Submission 2015-07-14

Note: as an op-ed this article reflects the views of the author and not TMC as a whole. In all the discussion about Fozziesov perhaps the most important change of all has been overlooked. Most discussion has focused on the…

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Submission 2015-07-13

In my last article, I made a comment that the PvE changes were unlikely to result in any great benefit to the null-sec community, and I wanted to go into a little more detail about why. First, let me state…

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Anschau 2015-07-13

Permanent bans and suspensions were issued to thousands of players last night who were using an exploit in Heroes of the Storm, the recently released MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) from Blizzard. The hack allowed players to view through the…

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Station Egg Scrambled by Doomsday Chef

Submission 2015-07-12

Logistics pilots are the unsung heros of Eve. I don’t mean those logibros who rep you when your overview glows red and your alarms go off. They at least get some recognition and love in fleet. I am talking about…

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Star Marine Update: Animation Difficulties

TMC Archives 2015-07-12

Cloud Imperium Games released a Star Marine “status update” yesterday detailing the progress made this week in pushing the long-delayed Star Citizen FPS module towards release. Several of the features that were previously holding back release became functional this week….

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Submission 2015-07-11

Author’s Note: This piece is an op-ed and does not reflect the opinions of It is also quite massive, even by Opinionated Analysis standards. Peruse at your own risk. It has been quite a while since the last time…

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Coping with the Effects of Aegis

TMC Archives 2015-07-11

The six-week release cycle has given players a lot of change to absorb in a very short period of time.  And while many of these changes are excellent, some of the recent changes, including the Aegis damage changes and FozzieSov,…

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Progodlegend has Left Nulli Secunda

Submission 2015-07-11

Progodlegend, the leader of Nulli Secunda and the FC of many of their operations, has officially left Nulli Secunda after five years with the alliance. After he left, we were able to contact PGL to give us a short run-down…