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Interview: Talking in Station with DaBigRedBoat

Caleb Ayrania 2016-12-25

Over the holidays and until the new year, talking in stations are going to be on a break from the regular show time. Therefor it is with great pleasure we bring you this second interview, this time with DaBigRedBoat.  …

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EVE Players Have New Community in /r/Wormholers

vicarious 2016-12-14

While most EVE Online players casually use wormholes to get places faster, there is a small community who choose to live in them permanently. Starting Monday, December 12, players interested in W-Space will be able to convene at the newly…

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Reavers Triumphant Over Space Violence in The Imperium Tournament Finals

Londala Pox 2016-12-12

Ships fly and ships die in EVE, and that’s exactly what happened this weekend during The Imperium Tournament. In our very first installment, Asher Elias and his Reavers took home top honors as they cracked the tough armored nut of…

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ArcheAge 3.0: Revelation – A Breath of Fresh Air

Modern Inferno 2016-12-10

ArcheAge 3.0: Revelation Today, ArcheAge releases it’s biggest expansion yet. Revelation introduces two new races to the game, the Warborn and Dwarves. With the inclusion of these new races, there are six new zones for players to explore.  The most…

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SERAPH’s crusade against the Drifter menace

Quendan 2016-11-30

Who are the Drifters? CCPs newest storyline is one that new players get thrown into right when they enter the game, as the tutorial takes them through the steps needed to destroy a Drifter hive. However, many players will never…

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Scamming for Fun and Profit

Quendan 2016-09-29

You can make money spamming in Jita local. Over the course of a day last week, just over 750 pilots wrote just over 10.000 lines into Jita local chat. The top 20% of pilots accounted for 84% of chat lines. True to…

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Riley 2016-08-18

Late last week, I had the fantastic opportunity to interview David Reid, formerly CCP Pokethuhlu and now founder of MetaArcade. Over an hour of lively discussion, we went over the key facts about MetaArcade, the upcoming Tunnels & Trolls adaptation,…

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FC Roundtable: Svipuls, Killahbee, Citadels

Anschau 2016-07-15

Today we have another FC roundtable. We invited pilots from several diverse groups across New Eden and were joined by representatives from TEST, Goonswarm Federation, and Snuffed Out. Anschau (Moderator) Vily (Test Alliance Please Ignore) Jay Amazingness (Goonswarm Federation) Cavalira (Avalon Flying Circus) Hy…

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Rhivre 2016-06-30

Eagle eyed players in The Forge, and visitors to reddit will have noticed that there is a Keepstar currently sitting in Maila. The Keepstar has gone up under the banner of Care for Kids, and has raised many questions, some of…