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When saving the Rorqual goes wrong—379b lost in Fountain

Macky Avelli 2019-04-06

What may have seemed like a fairly routine “Rorqual-damsel-in-distress” situation wound up being a bit of a disaster as the rescuing parties lost ships to the tune of 379b to a Pandemic Horde / WE FORM V0LTA dreadbomb. Though Fountain…

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Hunting Prey: The Death Of A Rorqual

Dracos Rhaghar 2018-09-13

Header image by Major Sniper. Fights take place on many different scales in EVE Online. This article is not about a huge Time-Dilation fight over an IHUB or Citadel in sovereign nullsec space, but is about a small fight in…

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Deadliest Day: Excavators down in Delve

Rhom Achensa 2018-01-11

Enemies of The Imperium destroyed nearly 120 Excavator mining drones in Delve on January 7, which is the highest one-day total in the region for at least a month. The drones are used to churn out massive amounts of ore…

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ALOTD: Awful Losses Of The Deployment

Jack 2017-08-11

The Imperium went on deployment in the north just over a week ago, but it seems some of Delve’s most stubborn ISK farmers still haven’t got the message. The Super-Carrier and Rorqual kills are coming in so fast that Imperium…

22 Editorial

Moon Mining: A Huge Blind Spot

Vulxanis Viceroy 2017-08-01

In CCP’s July Update, there was a number of encouraging updates and teasers. I was especially excited about the fact that CCP actually listened to the community regarding the Blood Raider Shipyard issue. They even said they planned on making…

7 Awful Loss of the Day

AFK Mining Gone Wrong – Double Rorqual ALOD

Macky Avelli 2017-07-06

It’s widely known at this point that the Goonswarm Federation has Delve solidly fortified. With Fortizars in nearly every system and a large helping of Keepstars to boot, you’d be pretty hard pressed to find a quiet corner in Delve…

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PanFam Ganks Rorquals, Destroys Defense Fleet in 0P-F3K

Macky Avelli 2017-03-08

The PanFam is making sure to spread the love lately. What appears to have started out as a Rorqual gank in 0P-F3K on March 3 turned into the Pandemic fleet destroying a handful of Solyaris Chtonium (SLYCE) FAXes as well…

5 Awful Loss of the Day

Multiboxed Rorquals down to PL in Delve

Stephanie Daugherty 2017-02-18

Pandemic Legion slaughtered seven rorquals belonging to a member of Goonswarm’s Chinese corporation, Peoples Liberation Army early Thursday morning. Total losses according to zkillboard exceeded 72 billion. Pandemic Legion apparently used a combination of a wormhole-based tackle fleet in conjunction…

5 Awful Loss of the Day

Awful Loss of the Day: 60 bil worth of FCON Rorquals

Jack 2017-02-12

FCON have been fighting hard for the coveted prize of worst killmail of the month with this calamity. The group lost over 60 billion ISK worth of Rorquals in a single drop. The group of unfortunate miners were dropped by a…

18 Eve Online

Rorqual Speculations

Romulus Loches 2016-12-23

Setting the Stage With the Ascension release, null-sec industry has completely changed with Rorquals (Rorq) becoming massive mining machines.  They can pull in roughly the same amount of ore per hour that used to take around five characters in Exhumers…

9 User Submitted

December 7 Rorqual Re-re-balance Announcement

Cameron Keikira 2016-12-07

At approximately 16:00 UTC on December 7, CCP Fozzie posted the following to the EVE Online Forums: Hey everyone. We’ve been keeping a close eye on how people are using the newly rebalanced Rorquals and it’s been really exciting watching…

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Revenant and Three Titans Down in Delve

Jack Hulatt 2016-12-07

On December 5, 2016, three Imperium titans, along with a Revenant supercarrier, and  other supercapitals and capital ships were killed by a fleet comprising Pandemic Legion, Hard Knocks, and several other groups. The Imperium lost 600bn ISK in ships, compared to…

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Mining boost changes coming in November expansion

Jack Hulatt 2016-10-07

On October 4, 2016, CCP released a devblog from Team Five O about the upcoming changes to capital industrial ships, the Orca and the Rorqual, and also about the introduction of the new Porpoise-class industrial command ship. The first point covered…