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Pilot Enjoys Losing Carriers; Imperium and BRAVE Join Forces to Relieve Him of a Nyx

Savvy Kneel 2018-06-17

An aggrieved party seeks revenge on those he believes have done him wrong. He hatches a plot and seeks assistance from those in a position to help. With a plan in place, he eagerly sets out to carry out his…

2 The first Keepstar deployed to Providence has died. Eve Online

First Provi Keepstar Destroyed in 3D-CQU

David Matterall 2017-06-24

The battle for the Keepstar in 3D-CQU was seen live on the ImperiumNews Twitch channel, and live blogged as it happened.  See the minute by minute account of the battle here. The following is the Battle Report for the fight….

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BREAKING NEWS: 200b Dead in Catch Capital Fight

Dracos Rhaghar 2017-05-01

Today, at approx 18:00 EVE time, fighting in Catch has claimed over 200b ISK, mostly in capital ships. The skirmish took place between Pandemic Legion and allies, and the residents of the region. The defenders included Brave Collection, TEST Alliance Please…

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PL and Imperium Shred BNI/TESCO in GE-8JV Brawl

Londala Pox 2017-03-01

At approximately 0130 EVE time on March 1, a Fortizar belonging to Brave Collective <BRAVE> was due to come online in the Catch system of GE-8JV. Test Alliance Please Ignore <TEST> and Circle-of-two <CO2> were also there to help with…

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Brave Announces Move to Catch

Jack 2017-02-12

Things have certainly been wild for Brave Collective over the past three months. Only three months into their invasion of Cloud Ring, Brave Collective have announced they will be exiting the region, their leadership stating: “living in Cloud Ring under…

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Brave Defeats PL in DO6H-Q

Moomin Amatin 2017-01-09

Brave Newbies Incorporated has repulsed an attack by Pandemic Legion (PL) in the Fade system of DO6H-Q.  Rumours have been flying recently that with TESCO’s withdrawal from the North, Brave was to be the next target for PL. The speculation…

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Anschau 2016-04-06

This week we were able to put together a roundtable for a discussion on Fleet Commanders (FCs). We invited pilots from several diverse groups across New Eden and were joined by representatives from Brave Collective, Pandemic Legion, Goonswarm Federation, and…

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Brave Battleship Fleet Massacred in Syndicate

TMC Archives 2015-08-02

In the evening of August 1 in 0EK-NJ in northeastern Syndicate, Brave Collective and an association of Syndicate alliances fought over an R16 moon belonging to Clockwork Pineapple resulting in the loss of the ISK war and the objective for…

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HERO has Died

Submission 2015-07-06

In history, great empires rise and fall. From the Romans to the Mongols, the only commonality is that they have disappeared from power, being only whispered about in the annals of dusty books in the library. Even in EVE the…

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Brave Collective Announces Alliance Restructure

TMC Archives 2015-06-26

The Brave Collective has been suffering from some serious internal drama lately. Between a botched deployment to Duality and a seemingly out of touch leadership structure, the new-player-friendly organization has been hemorrhaging members left and right to similar organizations such…

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Brave Collective Faces Further Internal Drama

TMC Archives 2015-06-24

Brave Newbies, the new player friendly organization that prides itself in allowing people who’ve just begun playing EVE to experience Nullsec life, has been facing something of an internal crisis as of late. Miscommunication and poor decision making has, over…

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HERO Coalition Faces Troubles in Fountain

TMC Archives 2015-05-27

The past few months have been a whirl for HERO Coalition. From the return of Pandemic Legion to Catch, to the chains of battles for their capitals of GE-8JV followed by HED-GP, the botched evacuation of Catch and their rapid…