Brave Battleship Fleet Massacred in Syndicate


In the evening of August 1 in 0EK-NJ in northeastern Syndicate, Brave Collective and an association of Syndicate alliances fought over an R16 moon belonging to Clockwork Pineapple resulting in the loss of the ISK war and the objective for Brave Collective. A Goonswarm Federation Harpy fleet third partied the fight.

This op had been planned well in advance with pings going out yesterday afternoon. Formup began about half an hour before moving out and the gong was sounded for an Armageddon fleet with Dominixes as the alternate ship if an Armageddon could not be flown. A fleet of 134 pilots was formed, one quite large for Brave since the Catch/Aridia/Fountain fiasco. Quite a few T2 logi were assembled, roughly 14 in addition to assorted T1 cruiser support and a few Talwars for new players.

Brave set out and traveled the six jumps to the objective from their staging in Aunsou to find themselves in a system with the defenders already set up and waiting with multiple capital ships. The Brave FC (who was FCing from a Corax) knew this beforehand and decided to take the fight anyway, warping to the POS at 30k. Drones were dropped and the fight began. The defenders had brought a hard counter to the Brave fleet, smartbombing off their drones and using blap dreads and fighter-launching carriers to melt battleships. After about three to five intense minutes of the Logistics wing being just short of holding reps, the Brave FC aligned the remnants of his fleet away and had them MJD out. For a first time battleship FC, Christopher Bellini did well against the odds, though his ship did not.

The final butcher’s bill for Brave came to just over 13 billion ISK, with the other forces on the field suffering negligible losses at most. One wonders why Brave welped a fleet for an R16, but as many Bravelets say, at least it was content. There were gfs exchanged all around and both sides are excited for the next round.

Brave Collective space wreckage.

TMC has reached out to the defenders for comment, and will update the article in the event of a reply.

This article originally appeared on, written by Siaka Stevens.

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