HERO has Died


In history, great empires rise and fall. From the Romans to the Mongols, the only commonality is that they have disappeared from power, being only whispered about in the annals of dusty books in the library. Even in EVE the greatest must fall. Band of Brothers, despite being one of the most powerful groups in EVE back in its heyday, no longer exists. HERO has gone the way of BoB, and despite the best efforts of its leaders, HERO has been dissolved.

To recap, this has been a long time coming for BNI. The new player friendly group, originally started by Lychton Kondur, has had many ups and downs in its existence. The recent drama within Brave has caused some of the most noteworthy drama in EVE Online history, with Lychton going on an indefinite hiatus from the group. This was preceded by an attempted coup d’etat which caused many line members in the group to lose faith in their founder, as Lychton was removed from power by his fellow CEOs who felt he was lacking as a leader. This drama ended with Lychton back in power. However, only a little more than a month later more turmoil began, with Lychton attempting to have Brave pool massive resources into the sov test on the Duality server. This drama became too much, and with Black Legion effectively massacring Brave, an executive decision needed to be made.

Nancy Crow, the new Executor of Brave, has set in stone his plan in his State of the Alliance speech. The group will leave Fountain, effective within the next few days, and proceed to evacuate to Zinkon, then to another currently unknown destination where BNI can call home again. It is believed the new locale will be within a reasonable distance of low, NPC null, and sov null, which does narrow down some of the choices. This news, while not noteworthy with the history of BNI, came before the biggest change: HERO will no longer exist.

Additionally, a number of corporations have announced their departure from Brave Newbies. Bearded Battlebears will be joining Against All Authorities, and WH corp Dropbears Anonymous have announced their departure on the /r/Bravenewbies subreddit as well. While it is baffling to many why Bearded Battlebears left to join Against All Authorities, the J3B departure post states:

“J3B always has been and will be a sov null corp, and brave gave us a lot of good times, but it’s time to move on to a new home. We have some exciting times ahead of us and encourage everyone to take stock and make sure wherever you end up in eve matches what you want.”

BAERS’ departure post is formatted as a sarcastic parody of J3B’s post. Reactions and responses, however, appear to indicate it is genuine.

Members of the group had noted that HERO being dissolved was a long time coming, and that its death knell came when TEST left the coalition. After this, the coalition had lost a good chunk of its muscle and in effect crippled the group.

We here at TMC wish the best to Brave as they embark on another adventure, and hope to see them grow despite these events.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was written by Vos, and originally appeared on TheMittani.com under his byline.)

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