Aegis Patch Notes Released


The patch notes for the July 7 Eve patch Aegis were released earlier today. They can be found here.

Important notes include:

  • The Aegis theme song has been released. I highly recommend listening to it here.
  • Unidentified Wormholes will supposedly be appearing more often.
  • The Cerberus has been redesigned.
  • The two new missile modules, Missile Guidance Computers and Missile Guidance Enhancers, have been added. More information here.
  • The Ishtar, Tempest, and Drone Damage Amplifier module have been adjusted. More info here.
  • Heavy Missiles have had their damage buffed by 5% and Torpedo volume has been halved. Information on this can be found here.
  • The Hecate tactical destroyer released.

Hecate stats:

Gallente Tactical Destroyer Bonuses Per Level:
5% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret rate of fire
7.5% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret tracking speed
5% reduction in heat damage generated by modules

Role Bonus:
50% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret Damage
95% reduction in Scan Probe Launcher CPU requirements

Additional bonuses are available when one of three Tactical Destroyer Modes are active. Modes may be changed no more than once every 10 seconds.
Defense Mode:
33.3% bonus to all armor and hull resistances while Defense Mode is active
33.3% reduction to armor repairer duration while Defense Mode is active
Propulsion Mode:
66.6% bonus to Microwarpdrive speed boost and reduction in Microwarpdrive capacitor use while Propulsion Mode is active
66.6% bonus to ship inertia modifier while Propulsion Mode is active
Sharpshooter Mode:
66.6% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret optimal range while Sharpshooter Mode is active
100% bonus to sensor strength, scan resolution and targeting range while Sharpshooter Mode is active

Slot layout: 6 H, 4 M, 4 L, 5 turrets
3 Rig Slots, 400 Calibration
Fittings: 54 PWG, 230 CPU
Defense (shields / armor / hull) : 650 / 700 / 800
Base shield resistances (EM/Therm/Kin/Exp): 0 / 40 / 70 / 50
Base armor resistances (EM/Therm/Kin/Exp): 50 / 51.25 / 67.5 / 10
Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / average cap per second): 700 / 280s / 2.5
Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / warp speed / align time): 170 / 6.5 / 980,000 / 4.5 / 8.83s
Drones (bandwidth / bay): 0 / 0
Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 50km / 300 / 7
Sensor strength: 14 magnetometric
Signature radius: 70
Cargo capacity: 450

  • According to CCP Bob has spoken. Nullsec wormhole connections have had their spawn rate and lifetime adjusted. The exact nature of the adjustment is not spelled out. More importantly, is this the official canonization of Bob?

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