CCP Hints at Drifter Incursions


A recent devblog by CCP has strongly hinted at something many players who have grown bored of EVE have wanted: new incursions.

Sansha incursions have been a staple of PVE for years now, and offer a unique take on NPC reactions, as players now need to plan and think ahead and work together to achieve a common goal — make ISK. However, these new incursions will bring a lot to the table. They will likely take place in w-space, allowing capitals to fight alongside their subcap partners. This will likely make incursions more entertaining, as a lot of risk is involved. The possibility of losing capitals to rats often is now a prospect, which could affect the price of capitals in lowsec and null. And as with all great risk, there is going to be great reward as well.

This potential incursion is not unprecedented, as just recently Drifters attacked Amarr space during a RP event by CVA. However, the fact that they are now in wormhole space means that the amount of teamwork already involved with incursions will increase, as collapsing wormholes is a possibility.

While it isn’t known when this change will hit, it has been rumored that the changes will hit when FozzieSov comes around. So stay tuned and remember to overheat your weapons!

This article originally appeared on, written by Vos.

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