Brave Collective Announces Alliance Restructure


The Brave Collective has been suffering from some serious internal drama lately. Between a botched deployment to Duality and a seemingly out of touch leadership structure, the new-player-friendly organization has been hemorrhaging members left and right to similar organizations such as KarmaFleet and Pandemic Horde. However in a recent Alliance update Lychton Kondur, CEO of BRAVE, has announced his plans to take drastic action to fix the ailing alliance.

The first and perhaps most obvious update is the announcement of BRAVE’s undeployment from the Duality server. While the deployment order had been originally issued with the good intention of taking part in CCP’s sov testing competition, it became rapidly clear that the line members of BRAVE had no interest in fighting over fake sov whilst their real sov was being taken by Black Legion, especially considering the fact that BRAVE were in no real position to actually win the competition. After a noticeable drop in fleet participation, and a very vocal outcry from the members on their subreddit, the decision has been made to kill the Duality deployment outright.

The next major announcement involves the focusing of the alliance onto what it wants its purpose to be. After consulting with his military leaders, Lychton confirmed that from now on the following was to be the modus operandi of the Brave Collective: “WE ARE A NULLSEC PVP ALLIANCE THAT WELCOMES NEWBIES AND HELPS THEM GROW IN ALL ASPECTS OF SPACE LIFE.” To better suit this purpose, BRAVE intends to take stock of what they can and cannot defend and trim borders accordingly. Additionally, they believe that steps must be taken to reduce bureaucracy in instances where it is impeding the overall goal of the Alliance.

From a communication standpoint there were two major updates. The first of which being that their long awaited forums are finally being implemented to assist internal communications. While this will be of no hindrance to spies, it will allow the organization to keep better track of information and moderate away a large percentage of the rabble that you can find on a subreddit. Speaking of the subreddit, the second major communication change which BRAVE intends to make is the tying of the ability to post on their subreddit to either BRAVE’s Core Auth, extending posting privileges to figures from external organizations in special cases, such as Brave Dojo classes.

In a move which I imagine very few will be upset by, BRAVE’s attempt at a pseudo space democracy — the Council of Newbie Management (CNM) — has been dissolved completely. The death of an organization which line members had long been showing disdain for, and outside groups had often mocked for its inefficiency should allow the Alliance to make more efficient decisions without being first subject to a lengthy council meeting.

Finally, BRAVE’s military structure will also be receiving a revamp. Blue Ice has been named as the sole military director for the entire alliance. In addition to this, BRAVE’s convoluted “tier” structure for FC’s will be receiving a large rework so that the alliance can further encourage people to step up and lead fleets. This is especially relevant considering that the alliance has lost a considerable number of its most active and popular FCs, and is in desperate need of a surge of fresh blood.

There’s no denying that this restructure is long overdue. BRAVE leadership has for some time been the laughing stock of EVE nullsec governments. With the alliance in the state that it’s in, it remains to be seen if this will this be too little too late, or if Lychton is capable of stepping up and leading it onward.

This article originally appeared on, written by Worldshatter.

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