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13 Editorial

The Community IS EVE: Actions Speak Louder

Dirk Stetille 2019-05-23

When it comes to EVE Online, it’s often said that the community aspect of the game is the best part about it. Obviously, this is a statement that can be made about any MMO – interacting with others to achieve…

9 Eve Online

The End of New Eden As We Know It?

mistwarden 2019-05-14

The future of EVE Online has been revealed after pieces of the puzzle were slowly revealed and the dark dangerous nature of it all has been laid bare, and to be honest I don’t think we’re ready for what lies…

3 Eve Online

Moracha “Vonhole’d” in Syndicate

Ketriaava 2019-04-23

In the early hours of April 22, a Moracha, one of the various Alliance Tournament vessels known for their enhanced stats and extreme price tags, was destroyed in Syndicate. The pilot was Radakos of Goonswarm Federation. The pilot who organised…

0 Eve Online

CCP Speaks: Crafting the Story with CCP Delegate Zero—Part 1

Bill McDonough 2019-04-11

Beyond the massive nullsec battles, beyond the missions and faction warfare, EVE Online is a setting rich in lore and story. As the Invasion World Tour progresses, parts of that story are coming to the fore. New developments in the…

1 Eve Online

The Discourse Reports Possible Triglavian Shipyards and Communication

Bill McDonough 2019-03-23

The Discourse, a series from the player-run Arataka Research Consortium (ARC), has released a new episode dealing with new discoveries in Abyssal Deadspace. In this episode, ArctiveVoice and Shef Rostov document something they believe to be Triglavian capital shipyards in…

17 Devblog

Analysis: Spring Update Nerfs FAX, Capital Balance, and PVE

Guilford Australis 2019-03-18

CCP announced on Wednesday, March 13 a forthcoming balance update that will reduce the effectiveness of many popular ship types, make some easier to kill, and lower the insurance payouts on others. The largest changes will affect capital ships –…

6 Eve Online

Hadean’s Aether Engine | Quantum Leap, or Jumping the Shark?

JuriusDoctor 2019-03-08

Two words stand to change the face of computer gaming as we know it: Distributed Simulation. There are a lot of emergent technologies which will have big impacts on the gaming industry as a whole—VR/Augmented Reality, Cloud Gaming (PC Gamer), Deviceless…

15 Eve Online

Extremely Rare Gold Magnate Dies in Placid

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2019-03-05

At 0224 EVE time on March 5, in the Placid system of Anchauttes, pilots from Pan-Intergalactic Business Community (PIBC) alliance killed a Gold Magnate. The ship, flown by Jalep Malukker of Exodus. Alliance, is one of the rarest ships in…

4 Fiction

The Dangers of Salvaging

Shalishaska 2019-01-22

==The following transmission was received by a Minmatar Republic Patrol in [Redacted] on the 5th of [Redacted] It appears to be an emergency broadcast from a Noctis Class salvage ship == I messed up guys. Big time. I’ll tell you where…

0 Science

Space News Update—January 2019

Rhiannon Williams 2019-01-05

It’s been a busy month spacefans! I hope that you’ve all readjusted back to normality, can remember what day it is and that mince pies and prosecco are no longer acceptable for breakfast. This time we have the latest New…

0 News

Fiend Dies to The Initiative in Querious

Quendan 2018-12-31

The kill last week of an Alliance Tournament ship produced volumes of interest around the Eve Universe, and a bit of controversy as the pilot and his corpmates suggested game mechanics might have failed at a critical time. At 15:14…

5 Eve Online

Operation Permafrost: an Introduction

mistwarden 2018-12-17

Operation Permafrost has been unleashed onto the test server on Saturday and has given players a chance to test and explore the event before it goes live on December 17. According to CCP Sledgehammer, “[We] hope you enjoy this one;…

4 Eve Online

Diplomacy: The Two EVEs

JuriusDoctor 2018-11-23

This is the fifth and final chapter of the diplomacy series I started over a year ago. Part five was intended to examine how diplomacy develops in a vacuum, and what occurs when one party moves out and makes room for…

7 Eve Online

Daily quests are good for Eve Online

mistwarden 2018-11-20

The login rewards for alpha and omega characters last weekend gave players a quick boost in skill points, which is useful for pilots enduring long grinds early in the game. Where many players will see this as an attempt to…