CCP Weekly Wrap-up: April 20-26 2021


Header art by Cryo Huren

EVE Online 18th Birthday Contest

For EVE’s upcoming 18th birthday, CCP is putting together a memories video and wants to show off clips from the playerbase. Hence, they’re holding a contest looking for video footage from any era of EVE Online. The clips are preferred to be in 1080p, (though this isn’t required), and should be 60 seconds long. All content must be yours to submit and CCP reserves the right to use the video entries for promotional purposes (which is the point of the contest). If you have some juicy stuff from way back when, send it in and maybe it will make it into the video!

EVE Packs Available in the EVE Store

Interested pilots can get three new packs in the EVE Store: the Starter Pack, Enforcer Pack, and Soldier of Fortune Pack. They are $7, $25, and $55 respectively. I don’t get paid to sell you stuff, so get it if you want it.

Abyssal Proving Grounds – 2v2 Navy Faction Frigates

Well, here we are back on track with CCP announcing Abyssal Proving Grounds at an inconvenient time for me to tell you about it. Oh well. The last run was 2v2 Navy Faction Frigates. You’ve probably got some time to jump in there if you leave now. Better hurry.

Starter Pack 72h Refresh Sale

30% off the old starters packs because they’re going away.

Project Discovery Nominated for a “Webby” Award

Looks like a portion of EVE Online has been nominated for a “Webby.” It also looks like “Webbys” are a thing now. Like the Oscars, I suppose. There are several categories, and Project Discovery is up for a Webby for “Public Service, Activism, and Social Impact.” EVE should win, because we like EVE. Go Vote.

New Pirate Hex SKINs

There are new Pirate Hex SKINs available – Ghost and Vampire variants. In addition, the Angel’s Hex SKINS are getting a price drop. The new Vampire’s Hex SKINs are available for the Cruor, Ashimmu, Bhaalgorn, Worm, Gila and Rattlesnake, while the Ghost’s Hex Skins are for the Succubus, Phantasm, Nightmare, Garmur, Orthrus, and Barghest. You can also get the bundles and save 10%.

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