CCP Weekly Wrap-Up: March 23-29 2021


Header art by Cryo Huren

Do you like friends, fights, and formulations of fabrication facts? Would you like friends more if you had any? If you don’t have any, you should make some: don’t be freaking sad, dude! Lots of great people out there. If you like all those things, then this week has it all for you. Let’s proceed.

Friendship Week Sale – Almost Over

You only have until March 30 at 11:00 EVE to pick up a year of Omega at a 15% discount. Hopefully, if you are interested, you will see this in time to react, because it’s going to be close!

Significant Industry Updates

CCP has released a news item covering some upcoming changes to industry that will go live across two updates in April. The focus will mainly be on material requirements for Tech 1 ships, as well as the introduction of “Manufacturing Tiers” aimed at making industry progression clearer. Obviously, this sounds like a shot directly across the bow of titan production, given that titans are, in fact, Tech 1 ships. This fact was lamented by CCP Rattati during his interview on the Oz_Eve twitch.

The CCP news piece was quite extensive, covering not just industry, but the upcoming end to scarcity, bounty rebalance, and the mysterious ESS banks. Even more was covered in a CCPTV Livestream on the topic on March 29th. Of course, INN will have you covered with a writeup on the livestream, but this update and the livestream will certainly be items to take a look at for anyone who makes money in the game.

Abyssal Proving Grounds – FFA Assault Frigates

Looks like we might actually get to tell you about the Abyssal Proving Grounds on time for once! This time, we have a free-for-all with Assault Frigates, which sounds pretty freaking awesome. The available hulls are the Retribution, Vengeance, Harpy, Hawk, Enyo, Ishkur, Wolf, and Jaguar. As usual, modules are limited to Meta 5 and below, with no Pirate implants allowed. Go get ’em.

Monthly Economic Report – February 2021

If you haven’t heard enough about making money already, with all the industry talk, gorge yourself on the February 2021 Monthly Economic Report. It has charts and graphs galore; the raw data is available to download, and you can even yak about it on the forums.

A Shorty but a Goody

What this update lacks in terms of raw numbers it makes up for in terms of meat. Seriously, there’s a lot of info in that industry stuff that will affect just about everybody in the game. Give it a look and make sure to leave your feedback on how CCP is changing the game.

Until next time.

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