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EVE Online Celebrates its 17th Birthday

mistwarden 2020-05-06

The time has come to celebrate seventeen years of Eve Online! CCP has prepared a series of different events and promotions for the game over the next two weeks, with log-in rewards, skins, promotions, and an in-game event. Log-in rewards…

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Surgical Strike Lands on Tranquility

Calyle Morrison 2020-04-19

The moment everyone has been anticipating (or dreading) for the last few weeks arrived, as Surgical Strike, patch 18.04, landed on Tranquility on April 15. With it came a wave of sweeping buffs and nerfs that has had the forums…

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Yeet-A-Fleet Returns, Accompanied By HAW Nerfs

mistwarden 2020-02-27

Over the Christmas event period, CCP introduced the “Reindeer filaments”, which quickly became one of the most popular items released in years. Loosely styled after Abyssal PvE filaments, these Reindeer variants would instead instantly transport groups of players to a…

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PLEX For GOOD, Sisi goes V.I.P., Delayed Update, and Yeet That Fleet

mistwarden 2020-01-09

On January 8, CCP released a number of news updates on topics including PLEX for GOOD, this year’s plans for CCP, and a change in status for Singularity. Here’s a quick break down. PLEX For GOOD PLEX for GOOD is…

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The most wonderful time of the year…oh god it’s a hot drop

mistwarden 2019-12-14

Oh, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and this year’s Yoiul events feel like Halloween. The theme this year is ‘naughty or nice‘ and features a range of different activities. First off, it’s 13 days of gift-giving over…

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Streamfleet Take This-A-Thon: 50 hours of streaming for a good cause!

Rhivre 2019-11-27

Starting on Friday November 29 at 1800 UTC and running through to December 1 at 2200 UTC, our friends over at Streamfleet (the team behind the coverage of the Invasion World Tour) are running a 50 hour stream in aid…

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Romulus Loches 2019-11-19

When Pearl Abyss purchased CCP just over a year ago, one of the concerns voiced by many Eve Online players was that it would become a Pay-To-Win game with tons of micro-transactions. In essence (no, not the region) this would…

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Human Behavior in the Era of Chaos

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2019-09-14

“Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success.” – advertisement in a London paper for the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, according to legend. Antarctica is…

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Two Months of “Chaos”

Bill McDonough 2019-09-12

Two months ago, I wrote a short little piece entitled “Why the Nullsec Blackout Won’t Fix EVE.” In it, I made some observations about what CCP said they were up to, how some groups of players were seeing it as…

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Jin’talks – Stop Reworking the NPE

Jin'taan 2019-09-09

During the past 3 years we’ve seen 3 consecutive different New Player Experience models. We entered 2016 with the traditional basis of the tutorial agents, which had been the core of EVE’s NPE for over 5 years at that point,…

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EVE Online is not a PVP game

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2019-09-07

EVE Online is not a PVP game. It never has been. It’s been a simulation with PVP in it, but it has never been a PVP game. The other day I played a few matches in World of Warships. That…

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Why EVE or CCP Games Needs to Fail

Erick Asmock 2019-08-12

(Editor’s Note: The opinions and speculations in this piece are entirely those of the author, and do not represent the position of INN.) Why? Why would someone want a game to fail that they have played for almost two decades?…

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Ship Balance | The Vexor Navy Issue is still the King

JuriusDoctor 2019-07-30

It’s not often I get to/take the time to write up a piece about a ship twice. Still, I’m coming back to the Vexor Navy Issue after the changes because I think it really does deserve the attention. There’s been…

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Drifter Onslaught—What We Know, What We Think, What We’ve Heard

Bill McDonough 2019-07-01

On Wednesday, June 26, Drifter forces began attacking capsuleer structures all over New Eden’s null-sec regions. The sudden assault came as a surprise (though some have claimed ‘I totally knew it was coming’), and reinforced or destroyed structures from Esoteria…